Contract Management Whitepapers & eBooks

Essential Guide to Managing Contracts Remotely eBook

There are a number of business challenges associated with the rapid shift to a remote workforce. As you implement your business continuity plans, it’s critical your contract management efforts are not impacted by employees working from home. To assist you in navigating this environment, we’ve created the Essential Guide to Managing Contracts Remotely. It offers best practices, tips, and solutions to help ensure successful contract management while employees are remote.

Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Contract Data Management

In this new guide, Corporate Counsels can learn 10 keys to successfully managing and harnessing the wealth data in their organization’s contracts. It outlines how a modern approach to contract data management empowers in-house legal with actionable insights to mitigate contractual risk, increase compliance, and drive profitability.

Top 10 Best Practices for Contract Management

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn the ten most important best practices for digitally transforming contract management across the pre-execution and post-execution phases of a contract’s lifecycle to increase productivity, profitability, and most importantly help mitigate risk.




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