Guide to Unlocking the Power of Your Contract Data

Data is your most valuable contract management asset. After all, your contracts contain a wealth of valuable information such as dates, terms, contacts, organizations, compliance requirements, buy-side and sell-side line items, and more. The question is, are you able to unlock the power of your contract data or is it stuck in shared folders, spreadsheets, and hard drives?

At Contract Logix, we empower you to manage contract data differently. Our unique and intelligent approach helps you transform your contract data into fast, actionable, and accurate contract management insights. Insights that empower legal teams to mitigate contract risk, sales to shorten contract cycles, procurement to gain process visibility and improve vendor management, finance organizations to drive contract profitability, and IT to assure access to your legal agreements.

This eBook is a guide to unlocking the power of your contract data. It examines 10 keys to delivering data-driven contract management insights and the benefits they provide to your business, including:

  1. Manage contracts the way YOU want to manage them.
  2. Search, filter, and analyze all contract data and document language.
  3. Flexibility to configure the data to your specific needs.
  4. Get visibility into the stage and status of every agreement.
  5. Track and reconcile line items for buy-side and sell-side agreements.
  6. Monitor and optimize the performance of your contract management processes.
  7. Never miss another contract date, renewal, obligation, or opportunity.
  8. Manage addendums, amendments, and terminations like a contract binder.
  9. Accelerate contract cycles with intake and request forms.
  10. Increase security and regulate access to your contracts.

Download this eBook today and learn how to transform your contract data into valuable, actionable, and data-driven contract management insights.

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