Contract Creation - Negotiation-ready contracts with ease and compliance
Contract Creation

Contract Creation

Create negotiation-ready contracts with ease and compliance.

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Draft Contracts With
Speed and Compliance.

Leverage our contract creation technology to create negotiation-ready contracts quickly using centralized, pre-approved clause and template libraries. 

Automatically include or exclude language in agreements based on your conditional business rules.

Help Legal focus on more strategic risk mitigation and corporate compliance requirements.

Workflow builder to create Workflows in Minutes.
Ensure Legally-Approved Language Use Every Time.

Ensure Legally-Approved
Language Use Every Time.

  • A centralized library of your pre-approved clauses and templates enables you easily to create negotiation-ready contracts that Legal will love.  
  • Eliminate cutting and pasting from other documents and ensure your team is always using the latest approved language and formats.  
  • Say hello to compliance and goodbye to unwanted deviation. 

Auto-Generate Contracts
Based on Business Rules.

  • Automatically merge your key data points such as party names, addresses, expiration dates, renewals, and more.  
  • Set up conditional business rules to automatically include or exclude language, as well as when to allow the use of standard vs. non-standard language throughout the contract creation process. 
Auto-Generate Contracts Based on Business Rules.
Let Legal Focus on Risk and Compliance.

Let Legal Focus on
Risk and Compliance.

Free up Legal to spend more time on strategic activities by empowering non-legal resources to assemble draft contracts and handle routine contracting activities using automation.

“Contract Logix offers the technology, support, and track record we need to effectively and confidently centralize and digitize our contract management processes.”

Richard Fiore, General Counsel, ACTS-Aviation Security

ACTS Aviation Security Contract Logix Customer

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