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Extensive clinical trials, strict FDA regulations, supply chain dynamics, and ensuring compliance without compromising speed are real contract management challenges facing biotech and pharmaceutical organizations. Whether it’s evaluating research and development, building partnerships, or optimizing vendors, successful pharmaceutical contract management is the key to success.

Contract Logix has extensive experience working with biotech and pharmaceutical organizations, helping them streamline and automate buy-side and sell-side contracting processes.

Contract Logix empowers you to optimize the performance of your contracts and processes from discovery to development to commercial delivery.

Centralize all your contracts and contract data and get complete visibility into all contract types such as physician, payer, CDA, PBM, R&D, and outsourcing agreements.

Optimize agreements with your PBMs, vendors, and supply chain throughout the pharmaceutical lifecycle using robust contract line item tracking for products, pricing, rebates, and more.

Identify opportunities to improve contract performance through data-driven and pharmaceutical-specific KPIs and insights such as product pricing over time with customizable reporting.

Enforce business processes with automated workflows to manage compliance and appropriate contract, product and multi-department approvals such as marketing authorization.

Integrate with other pharmaceutical business applications such as ERP, CRM, etc. using an API.

Maintain accurate and real-time audit trails for FDA and SOX compliance.

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