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Contract Management System for Your Industry

Contract Logix streamlines contract management for any industry and provides flexible solutions to enable even regulated businesses control over their contract process. Using a data-driven approach, industries can quickly realize the benefits of a contract management system to make sure you’re meeting your overall business goals and objectives – specifically related to your industry or business type.

Business Contract Software that Meet the Needs of Your Company

Contract Logix will help you learn and use industry best practices to better evolve your Contract Management System throughout your organization.

Industry-based approach makes sure your organization meets your specific compliance requirements and/or business needs

Flexible software enables your organization to capture as much or as little contract detail as required for your specific industry

Multiple user license types lets you leverage the value of the system - with complete role-based security

Customer Success Model incorporates a best-practice approach so you actually get up and running quickly - with little to no downtime

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Industries We Serve

Choose an industry below to learn more about the specific benefits Contract Logix can deliver by leveraging the right contract management system.


Manage Payer, Provider and Facilities contracts with contract management software designed for Healthcare organizations. Include medical fee schedules, coding or other billing requirements in your contract process. Make sure relationships have appropriate Business Associate agreements in place or similar.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Streamline Clinical Trial, Services and Drug-related agreements with CLM software designed for Pharma and Biotechnology organizations. Proactively manage key line items and SPEND while gaining appropriate approvals throughout your process. Be audit-ready and prepared for any assessment or reporting requirements.

Energy & Oil and Gas

Comprehensive Supplier and Vendor contract management with software designed for Energy, Oil & Gas and Utility organizations. Visibly track and mitigate risk by improving compliance and corporate governance for any contract. “Shed some Light” on your contract stage-to-status tracking and set automatic reminders for renewals.

Banking & Financial Services

Data-Driven management for Master Services agreements with CLM software designed for Banking and Financial Services organizations. Increase compliance and mitigate legal and financial risk while streamlining the overall business process.

Transportation & Logistics

Gain visibility of Master Services and Insurance agreements with contracting software designed for Transportation & Logistics organizations. Capture driver and carrier data and proactively manage key payment and delivery schedules.

Government & Municipalities

Oversee Contractor and Sub-Contractor contracts with agreement management software designed for Government & Municipality entities. Manage complex agreement terms and relationships while gaining operational cost-efficiencies.

Legal & Law Firms

Generate legal contracts, correspondence and associated documents or supporting materials with contract software designed for Legal and Law Firms. Complete legal document management with standard clause and template libraries to automatically ensure legal compliance.


Facilitate Vendor, Facilities and Master Services agreements with software designed specifically for Higher-Ed and other Educational organizations. Proactively stay on top of key contract dates, renewals and payments while gaining substantial operational efficiency.

Business Services

Track Services, Vendor, Licensing, and Customer contracts with CMS software designed for Business Service organizations. Provide visibility and key term and payment tracking with extensive repository and search functionality. Manage contract payments for line items.


Gain economies-of-scale for Supplier and Vendor agreements with contract lifecycle management software designed for Manufacturing organizations. Detailed product, payment and delivery tracking throughout your supply chain.


Simplify Confidentiality and legal documents for your not-for-profit organization with contracting software designed for Non-Profit organizations. Proactively manage and track key terms and dates with ease throughout your business process.

Software & Technology

Quickly create SaaS, License or Services agreements with CMS solution designed for Software and Technology organizations. Implement centralized sales requests, proactive SOW tracking and instant visibility of renewals and retention.

Architecture & Construction

Maintain Contractor, Sub-Contractor and Supplier contracts with contract software designed for Construction organizations. Comprehensive line and sub-line item tracking with streamlined contract payment term and delivery management.

Retail & E-Tail

Manage Property Leases, Franchise Documents and Vendor contracts with CMS solutions designed for Retail and E-Tail organizations. End-to-end visibility and tracking of all key dates, terms and obligations by retail location or for corporate.

ANY Other Industry

Contract Logix delivers simple to complex CLM software for ANY industry or company. Realize rapid time-to-value with the key benefits that a complete, centralized contract management solution can offer your business or organization.

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