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See What Our Customers Say About Contract Logix

“We love how easy Contract Logix’s contract management software makes managing all our contracts. It’s user-friendly and gives us the insights we need into the performance of our fundraising contracts.”

Paige Orth, Contracts and Systems Manager


“The ease, intelligence, and automation of Contract Logix’s platform has allowed us to digitally transform our CLM and focus on high-value activities while assuring compliance and minimizing risk.”

Cody McCutchan, Risk Manager, Moore County Hospital District

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“Procurement, negotiation and other phases of the CLM process at KETTLER can be complex, but we love how easy the Contract Logix platform makes managing our contracts with automation and control.”

Cyndi Gordon, Senior Director of Procurement and Contract Management


“We execute contracts 90% faster with Contract Logix. We can easily get contracts requested and created, ensure version control, securely store and find all our contracts, and get them signed fast and electronically.”

Jacki Barnett, Sr. Contract Administrator


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