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Digital Contract Repository

Digital Contract Repository

Unleash the power of data in your contracts.

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Centralize, Secure, and
Analyze Your Contracts.

A data-driven contract repository that transforms how you manage and access contracts – from any device. 

Quickly & automatically scan and index everything in your contracts using optical character recognition (OCR).  

Using artificial intelligence (AI), automatically extract contract data like dates, names, and terms and auto-populate it in Contract Logix. No more manual and time-consuming data entry. 

Now you can search, report, and analyze your contract data by any relationship such as type, term, language, organization, contact, and more. 

Digital Contract Repository
Automatically capture key information

Make Your Contracts Work
for You With AI.

  • Eliminate time-consuming and risky manual entry of your contract data. 
  • Contract Logix automatically reads and extracts important data about your contracts and populates it in the software. 
  • Quickly upload contracts one-by-one or by the thousands. 

Easily Configurable to
Your Business Needs.

  • With drag-and-drop configurability, out-of-the-box forms, and easy to create fields, get up and running fast–whether your needs are simple or complex.  
  • As your business evolves, the software evolves with you.  
  • No IT involvement or costly development required. 
Easily Configurable to Your Business Needs.
Securely Access Your Contracts from Anywhere.

Securely Access Your
Contracts From Anywhere.

Keep your contracts safe with a security-first approach. Role- and feature-based permissions, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO) ensure appropriate access to information from any location and device as well as SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, and FISMA compliance.

Get Actionable Insights on
Your Contracts and Process.

  • Unlock the power of your contact data using our import tool with OCR to scan and index everything in your contracts.  
  • Search, filter, and analyze any contract information you need.  
  • Create and share reports, use dashboards to monitor KPIs, and get complete visibility into the stage and status of your contracts. 
Actionable Contract Metrics

“Contract Logix’s contract management software has given us the actionable data and insights we need to optimize our processes and mitigate supply chain risks so that we can focus on our core business of being a good partner to our customers.”

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Corporate Procurement and Logistic Manager, Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian

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