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Contract Logix Solutions Overview

Contract Logix’ contract management solutions are trusted by thousands of legal, procurement, finance, and sales professionals in hundreds of companies across dozens of industries. Comprehensive solutions provide complete pre and post execution contract lifecycle management.

For pre-execution and post-execution CLM processes

For ANY industry such as Healthcare, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Financial Services and Energy

For all departments and roles such as legal, procurement, sales, IT and more

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Our Contract Management Solutions Overview

Solutions For Your Process

Contract Logix is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution built to scale and perform during your critical contract business processes. Mature throughout all phases of both pre and post contract execution to realize the full potential and ROI.

Execute contracts faster during the pre-execution stages - from request through electronic signatures

Manage and stay informed throughout all post-execution phases - from obligations to reporting or terminations through amendments

Streamline your contract lifecycle management with comprehensive tools

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Solutions For Your Industry

Contract Logix provides a data-driven approach to managing contracts for ANY industry with complete visibility, automation, and insights. Business insights that empower regulated industries with the ability to ensure compliance, minimize risk, uncover cost savings and revenue opportunities, and better facilitate buy-side and sell-side agreements.

Data-driven approach ensures your business has all the information required to meet your compliance and business rules

Minimize hidden legal risk or manage financial risk throughout each phase of the CLM process

Quickly realize and uncover hidden costs, payment or delivery schedules or contract line items

Better facilitate buy and sell-side agreements using robust toolsets

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Solutions For Your Department

Empower your departments and roles for effective contract processing. Contract Logix enables all users alike to successfully request, draft, approve and execute agreements, faster. Business processing metrics ensure all bottlenecks are quickly visible so they can be addressed and become scalable.

Enforce governance and language compliance while reducing authoring time for your legal agreements

Optimize vendor and supplier contract performance and track and manage payment terms, line items and fee schedules

Avoid penalties for missed commitments and terms while finding unpaid revenue or cost-savings

Close business faster by quickly generating approved contracts for new opportunities

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