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Energy & Oil and Gas Contract Management

Energy & Oil and Gas Contract Management

Energy, oil and gas contract management software is allowing companies to meet complex regulatory requirements such as EPA and EHS standards while supporting the need to move faster and innovate with greater agility is no easy feat.

Energy and utility organizations face several challenges related to managing relationships with suppliers, distributors, and other parties while ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.  A modern, data-driven approach for how you process and manage contracts is key to success.

Oil & Gas Contract Management Software

Contract Logix will simplify your energy CLM business process.

Get complete visibility into your end-to-end contract process and administration to control expenses and uncover energy savings opportunities

Simplify the management of complex contract relationships and supporting documents such as insurance requirements, master services agreements, line items, and entitlements

Minimize the risk of failing to meet stringent regulatory obligations as well as missed deadlines, dates, and other milestones

Leverage data to extract business insights via reports and dashboards that monitor contract performance and KPIs

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