A CFO’s Guide to Successful Contract Lifecycle Management

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and others in the Finance organization play an increasingly critical role in the pre-execution and post-execution of your organization’s buy-side and sell-side legal agreements. That’s why we created this CFO guide to contract management. It is a helpful guide for any Finance professional trying to navigate the ever-changing world of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Historically, CFOs have been responsible for the staff, infrastructure, policies, and processes involved in paying an organization’s bills, as well as collecting monies owed. In many instances, the in-house legal team, as well as the purchasing and procurement functions, may also report to this role. Regardless of whether you are dealing with accounts receivable or accounts payable, your ability to effectively manage your contracts is key to your business’s success.

In fact, improper management of your legal agreements can lead to a significant amount of legal, financial, brand, and security risk such as missed obligations, noncompliance, delays in revenue, and more. And while mitigating risk is certainly a crucial aspect of contract management, CFOs also have the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the commercial aspects of CLM.

By downloading our CFO guide to contract management you will learn about 10 contract lifecycle management best practices that focus specifically on the core components of:

  • Centralization
  • Accessibility
  • Visibility
  • Automation

Each of these best practices will help you and your organization manage your buy-side and sell-side contracts with less risk, greater efficiency, and increased compliance.

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