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Contract Management Services Overview

Contract Management Services Overview

Assure your success by getting up and running quickly and efficiently with our contract management services. Every customer is assigned a CSM as part of our Customer Success Model. We also have an Implementation team to help you onboard, set up, and get the most value out of your intelligent contract management system. 

Success Model Benefits:

Dedicated team and CSM throughout the life of the customer relationship

Knowledgeable staff provides best practices methodologies to ensure customers gain the most value

On-demand success model so customers get services when needed

Support Successful Onboarding
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Onboarding Services

Knowledgeable implementation and professional services experts help customers onboard using a proven and effective model. This ensures clients the peace of mind that they will actually get up and running and gain the most value.

Onboarding Services Benefits:

Rapid onboarding and time-to-value

Implementation specialists trained to guide customers step-by-step

On-demand learning and success with best-in-class onboarding practices

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Configuration & Setup Services

Configuration of Contract Logix’ intelligent contract management platform is quick and easy. Armed with today’s best practices for contract management, we guide customers with practical setup and configuration steps and knowledge. Tailor the type of data captured in your records and how it is presented in the software.

Configuration Services Benefits:

Easily add and modify record types, and layouts using simple drag and drop capabilities

Complete flexibility to customize and group the data organized and captured

Quickly add users, password controls, and roles and permissions

Get help quickly from your Implementation and Success team

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Data Migration and Extraction Services

Harness your existing contract information and data quickly and accurately. Customers can easily migrate all existing contract data using our data migration and AI-powered extraction tools. Further, throughout this process, our team supports customers by providing insights and methodologies for data preparation and import. 

Data Migration Benefits:

Accurately migrate from any system or spreadsheet

Gain industry migration techniques from our experienced data migration specialists

Leverage AI-powered data import tools to auto-extract and populate data in bulk

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Training Services

Become the contract management software expert! Contract Logix offers multiple training options to empower your internal administrators and end user community with the necessary tools to adopt, use, and get value from the platform. 

CLM Training Benefits:

Flexible training options: live, online, and video

Built-in help system to enable your end users when using the product

Library of video tutorials and documentation available for customers

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Ongoing Support

Trained, knowledgeable customer success and support representatives provide ongoing support and assistance when you need it. Whether customers have questions about how to accomplish something or they run into a technical issue, Contract Logix provides unlimited support throughout the life of the customer relationship.

Customer Support Benefits:

Team of experienced experts for support and technical assistance

Available via direct phone, email, and online form

U.S.-based Support

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