Contract Management Platform

Data-Driven Contract Management Platform

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Digitally transform the way you manage contracts with automation, artificial intelligence, and real-time collaboration.

  • Get instant visibility into your contracts and process
  • Finalize business faster with workflow automation and collaboration
  • Free up Legal to focus on risk and compliance
Data-Driven Contract Management Platform
Digital Contract Repository

Digital Contract Repository

Unleash the Power of
Your Contract Data

A powerful data-driven repository to store, search and analyze your contracts and documents.

  • Securely access your contracts and data from anywhere and any device
  • Create, share and schedule reports and leverage graphical dashboards to uncover insights and KPIs
  • Find the information you need in seconds using advanced search and analytics

Data Extraction

Artificial Intelligence for Your Contracts

Automate the hard work of digitizing contracts with AI-powered data extraction and natural language processing (NLP)

  • Digitize your existing and new contracts in minutes with powerful AI tools to get up and running quickly
  • Eliminate the risk, headache, and inefficiency of manually entering contract details into the software – AI automates it for you
  • Get powerful insights with the visibility to capture, search, and report everything in your contracts using optical character recognition (OCR) and NLP. 
Powerful AI Data Extraction - Contract Management Platform
Contract workflow automation

Workflow Automation

Unrivaled CLM Agility
and Efficiency

Easily build and automate workflows to accelerate the progress of contracts throughout your process.

  • Automate contract creation, reviews, approvals, tasks, notifications, and more
  • Ensure your business rules are efficiently followed every time
  • Simple and intuitive drag-and-drop Visual Workflow Designer

Creation & Authoring

Draft Negotiation-Ready Contracts with Ease

Create contracts fast while increasing compliance with clause & template libraries.

  • Quickly assemble contracts with pre-approved legal language and templates
  • Automatically include or exclude language using intelligence based on your business rules and conditions
  • Easily merge counter-party names, addresses, dates, terms, line items, compliance requirements and other data
Creation & Authoring technology
Collaboration & Execution by contract logix

Collaboration & Execution

Fast & Frictionless Negotiations and Signatures

A groundbreaking way to transform the collaboration and negotiation experience for all parties.

  • Seamlessly collaborate and negotiate internally and with third parties
  • Automatically capture comments, redlines, and versioning with a complete history
  • Expedite reviews and electronic signatures without endless emails and attachments

Requests & Intake

Self-Service Contracting for Accuracy and Speed

Help Legal manage workloads by getting all the details right from the start with request forms.

  • Request contracts and submit third-party paper right in our contract management platform – no more lost emails
  • Improve accuracy and save time by capturing the right information upfront, 100% of the time
  • Automatically notify Legal and route requests to the right people for review with workflows
Manage your Requests & Intake process
Contract Logix a Security-First CLM

Security-First CLM

Industry-Leading Security
and Reliability

Rest assured your contracts are safe with the most comprehensive security features and certifications.

  • Regulate who has access to what using role-based and feature-based permissions
  • Robust third-party compliance including SOC 2 Type II, NIST 800-171, HIPAA, and FISMA
  • Hosted on the ultra-reliable and secure Microsoft Azure Cloud


Integrate with Your
Business Apps

Ensure a single source of truth for all your data to deliver increased productivity and business intelligence.

  • Give your teams the flexibility to work in the business tools they know best
  • Easily integrate with other business apps like CRM, ERP, E-Signature, and more
  • Leverage pre-built integrations with leading providers or our REST API for custom integrations
Integrate with Your Business Apps

‘”The ease, intelligence, and automation of Contract Logix’s platform as well as the company’s approach to customer service has allowed us to digitally transform our CLM and focus on high-value activities while assuring compliance and minimizing risk.”

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