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Contract Management Platform You’ll Love.

Digitally transform your contract lifecycle management
with artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced analytics.

  • Get instant visibility into your contracts and process
  • Empower your team with an easy-to-use, no-code platform
  • Free up Legal to focus on risk and compliance
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Digital Contract Repository

Unleash the Power of Your Contract Data.

Our contract management platform is a robust, intelligent, data-driven repository to store, search and analyze all your contracts and documents.

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contract graphs and dashboards
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Workflow Automation

Create and Automate Contract Workflows with our CLM Platform.

Easily build & automate workflows to accelerate contracts through your process.

  • Simply modify contract workflows with a drag and drop Visual Workflow Builder
  • Automate notifications and reminders for approvals, reviews, and tasks
  • Drive compliance and efficiency by always routing contracts to the right people
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Creation & Authoring

Create Compliant Contracts in Minutes.

Our CLM platform is the more innovative, faster way to populate & generate contracts & stay compliant with digital clauses & template libraries.

  • Assemble contracts quickly with your pre-approved clauses and formats
  • Automatically populate and customize proper legal language such as the right governing law clauses, etc.
  • Eliminate errors by auto-populating party names, addresses, dates, terms, and compliance requirements

Collaboration & Negotiation

The Future of Collaboration is Here.

Contract Logix’s Collaboration Room is a revolutionary way to negotiate contracts in real-time with speed and visibility.

Internal and 3rd parties can review, comment, edit, approve, and e-sign contracts from any device.

  • Ensure everyone is ALWAYS working on the latest version with an audit trail of all edits and comments
  • Expedite approvals and signatures with all parties
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AI Data Extraction

Automate Your Hard Work.

Automate contract record creation with artificial intelligence (AI), save time, and reduce risk associated with manual data entry.

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adding information to contract records


Integrate with Your
Business Apps.

Ensure a single source of truth for all your data to deliver increased productivity and business intelligence.

  • Give your teams the flexibility to work in the business tools they know best
  • Easily integrate with others business apps like CRM, ERP, E-Signature, and more
  • Leverage point-and-click integrations or our REST API for custom integrations
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“The ease, intelligence, and automation of Contract Logix’s platform as well as the company’s approach to customer service has allowed us to digitally transform our CLM and focus on high-value activities while ensuring compliance and minimizing risk”

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