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CLM Implementation & Onboarding

Assure your CLM implementation success by getting up and running quickly and accurately with our onboarding services. Every customer is assigned a CSM as part of our Customer Success Model to help you onboard, setup, and get the most value out of your intelligent contract management system.

Knowledgeable subject matter experts (CSMs) help customers onboard using an effective customer success model. This ensures clients the peace of mind that they will actually get up and running and gain the most value from the software.

Rapid Onboarding Services Benefits:

Rapid onboarding and time-to-value

CSMs are specialists trained to guide customers step-by-step

On-demand learning and success with best-in-class onboarding practices

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In-House Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Contract Data Management

In this new guide, Corporate Counsels can learn 10 keys to successfully managing and harnessing the wealth data in their organization’s contracts. It outlines how a modern approach to contract data management empowers in-house legal with actionable insights to mitigate contractual risk, increase compliance, and drive profitability.


Why Real-Time Collaboration Matters in Contract Negotiations

Real-time contract collaboration tools can help businesses approve contracts faster and with more transparency than if they were in the same room together, as well improve and optimize processes in today’s new normal. It’s another great example of how using modern digital tools can transform the way you do business – for the better.


Introducing Collaboration Room: Transforming Contract Review and Negotiation

Collaboration Room is a revolutionary way to negotiate contracts in real-time with speed, ease-of-use, and complete visibility. It’s secure and simple for all parties to review, comment, edit, and approve contracts simultaneously from anywhere on any device. Simply invite collaborators and let the power of Collaboration Room do the rest. Read more to learn how.


Time to Change the Batteries: Contract Security Settings

Every New Year’s Day we remind ourselves to change the batteries in our home smoke detectors. But what reminds you to check the security settings of your software, especially the kind that is involved in sensitive and mission-critical aspects of your business? The new year can also be a reminder to update, or at least review, the security settings in your contract management software and other business applications.


The 3 Contract Risk Management Steps Everyone Needs to Take

All contracts contain risk whether it’s financial, legal, brand, or security risk. If you avoid risk, you avoid opportunity. Therefore, contract risk must be closely managed This article looks at 3 key contract risk management steps: identify, assess, and mitigate.

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