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Experience unrivaled CLM automation, agility and efficiency.

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Automate Your Contract Workflows.

Leveraging contract workflow can significantly reduce the time and error involved in managing your contracts.

Contract Logix’s Visual Workflow Designer is a powerful and easy-to-use “drag-and-drop” solution to keep everything on track and moving through your process.

Automate your document creation, approvals, tasks, notifications and more – ensuring compliance, speed and efficiency with every contract.

Workflow builder to create Workflows in Minutes.
Individual Accelerate Your Process From Request to Renewal.

Accelerate Your Process
From Request to Renewal.

  • Workflows ensure contracts are always routed to the right people every time for approvals, reviews, and signatures.  
  • Create and assemble contracts with the appropriate language based on your rules and conditions.  
  • Eliminate missed obligations using automated alerts, tasks, and notifications.

Follow Your Business Rules Every Time.

  • Workflows drive compliance because they follow your business rules.  
  • No more guesswork about who needs to be involved at each step in the process.  
  • Eliminate the burden and risk associated with manually creating calendar reminders, tracking obligations, and sending emails. 
Automation allowing you to follow Your Business Rules Every Time.
Automating Your Contract Workflows.

Create Workflows in Minutes.

With our Visual Workflow Designer, creating workflows is a simple and intuitive “drag-and-drop” process. And as your business requirements change, it’s a piece of cake to change your workflows to match them.  

  • You’ll never need to involve costly and time-consuming software developers to make custom changes.  
  • Contract Logix is a “no-code” solution that’s easily configurable to your needs. 

“Procurement, negotiation and other phases of the CLM process at KETTLER can be complex, but we love how easy the Contract Logix platform makes managing our contracts with automation and control.”

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