Data Extraction - Ditch the antiquated methods of managing your contracts
Contract Data Extraction

Contract Data Extraction

Automate the hard work using artificial intelligence (AI)
powered Data Extraction and natural language processing

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Ditch antiquated methods of managing your contracts

Contract Logix’s AI-powered Data Extraction with natural language processing (NLP) gets you up and running quickly with a modern approach to contract management by eliminating the need for manual data entry. 

Storing contracts in shared drives or managing them in spreadsheets creates unnecessary risk, inefficiency, and a lack of visibility and insights. 

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of existing contracts to import in bulk, or manage an ongoing stream of third-party agreements, Contract Logix automatically transforms your contracts into valuable digital assets.

Eliminate the risk of manual data entry

  • Import contracts in bulk or one at a time to free up hours spent manually entering contract information.
  • Automatically create contract records to save time and reduce risk associated with manual data entry.
  • You have the option to verify and approve the extracted data on your timeline to ensure accuracy.
Eliminate the risk of manual data entry
Automatically capture key information

Automatically capture key information about your contracts

  • We auto-extract key metadata from your contracts and auto-populate it in the software like contract types, names, dates, terms, obligations, and more. 
  • Using AI-powered Data Extraction, you’ll get accurate results of extracted information with every contract. 
  • Quickly process third-party contracts and drive efficiency in your operations, allowing teams to focus on strategic contract activities. 

Harness your contract data for actionable insights

  • With your data centralized in Contract Logix, gain real-time insights on contract performance, enabling better decisions.
  • Automatically track real-time KPIs, metrics, and statuses with your contract data.
  • Create reports and dashboards to optimize processes, identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and increase compliance.
Actionable insights Contract Insights with Data Extraction
How does our Data Extraction Work?

How it Works

  1. Digitize and index your contracts for easy searching and reporting
    Using OCR, we quickly scan your contracts (e.g., Word, PDF, JPG) and index the data so you can search and report on it.
  2. Automatically extract key metadata to populate fields in your contract records
    With AI-powered NLP and learning algorithms, the platform identifies and extracts information in your contracts and then populates it in the software.
  3. Present extracted contract data for you to review and verify in a side-by-side comparison
    Next, you have the option to confirm everything is correct before formally approving the creation of the record in Contract Logix.

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