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Contract Management Software Support

You’ve got questions? We’ve got the answers.

At Contract Logix we take contract management software support of our products seriously. Even though our products are intuitive and easy-to-use, we know that our customers will have questions and need technical assistance from time to time. And we understand that our reputation not only depends on how we behave when things are going well but especially on how we respond when issues arise.

As part of our Custom Success Team, our U.S.-based support representatives are highly trained and very experienced at answering your administrative, end-user, and technical questions. We provide prompt, accurate responses to your questions to ensure you can accomplish what you need with your system.

Our contract management software support and customer success team is US-based.

Help with technical and end-user issues.

Deliver rapid response and resolution times.

Provide accurate responses to your questions.

Available to be reached by phone, online form, or email.

Undergo rigorous and ongoing product and customer support training.

Assist you with your onboarding, administrative and end-user questions.

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