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KPIs to Measure the Success of Your CLM Implementation

Contracting and in-house legal teams continue to face tremendous pressure to digitally transform the way they do business in today’s new operating environment. Watch as World Commerce & Contracting and Contract Logix discuss key ways organizations can measure the success of your CLM implementation.

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Best Practices for Identifying & Mitigating Contract Risk

Mitigating contract risk is more important than ever in today’s business environment. But, how do you determine which contract risks are acceptable for your business? How do you uncover hidden risk and minimize your exposure to it?

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10 Best Practices for Successful Contract Management

Watch as the Contract Logix team covers the Top 10 Best Practices for Successful Contract Management. Our panel of experts will discuss each of these proven best practices and provide real-world examples of how organizations are implementing them to improve the performance of their contracts and CLM processes.

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The Future of Contract Collaboration & Negotiation

Watch the Contract Logix team as they discuss the Future of Contract Collaboration & Negotiation. A team of experts will look at some groundbreaking new technologies and techniques that are enabling real-time and frictionless contract collaboration with unrivaled speed, ease, and intelligence.

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Selecting the Right CLM Solution for In-House Legal Teams

Watch as a panel from Contract Logix discusses, Selecting the Right CLM Solution for In-House Legal. A panel of experts will discuss strategies to identify your business requirements and choose the right contract management solution for your in-house legal team.

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Key Strategies for Pharma & Biotech Contract Management Excellence

Whether it’s evaluating supply chain dynamics, tracking rebates, or managing complex CTAs, effective contract management is key to your success. In this webinar, our team reviews key strategies that every pharma and biotech company can leverage to achieve contract management excellence.

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10 Keys to Digital Contract Transformation

With the vast majority of CEOs expecting their business models to change over the next three years, it’s no surprise that digital transformation continues to be a strategic priority for organizations of all industries and sizes. Watch this webinar to learn 10 keys to digitally transforming your contract management.

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