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10 Contract Management KPIs Every Business Needs

A critical component to improving the performance of your contracts and contracting process is to establish measurable key performance indicators (KPIs). Watch this webinar and learn about 10 contract management KPIs that every organization can benefit from.

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Identifying, Assessing & Mitigating Contract Risk with CLM

Mitigating contract risk is more important than ever in today’s business environment. Watch this webinar and learn how organizations can more easily and accurately identify, assess, and mitigate contract risk using a data-driven approach to contract management.

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Advantages of CLM for Managing Contracts Remotely

Watch this webinar to learn all of the business advantages of using contract management software to overcome the challenges of managing contracts when everyone is working from home. You’ll be able to manage your contracts securely and efficiently from anywhere on any device.

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10 Keys to Digital Contract Transformation

With the vast majority of CEOs expecting their business models to change over the next three years, it’s no surprise that digital transformation continues to be a strategic priority for organizations of all industries and sizes. Watch this webinar to learn 10 keys to digitally transforming your contract management.

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Best Practices for Managing Contracts Remotely

The rapid shift to a remote workforce can create a number of business challenges when it comes to contract management. Watch this webinar to learn about the challenges and best practices to managing your contracts remotely.

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