The Role of LegalOps in Enterprise-Wide Initiatives: A Case Study on Modernizing CLM

Cengage Group, a global EdTech organization, recently underwent their digital contract transformation to achieve organization-wide strategic objectives, drive innovation, mitigate risk, maximize efficiency, and increase compliance. 

Watch the on-demand webinar to discover the ins, outs, and real-world examples of 4 best practices to lead change management efforts effectively: 

  1. Define and document clear goals 
  2. Secure executive buy-in and support 
  3. Establish clear roles and expectations 
  4. Ensure proper communication and accountability  

A successful implementation and adoption of contract lifecycle management (CLM) software can be the catalyst for modernizing not just Legal, but also Sales, Procurement, Finance, and other departments involved with legal agreements. 

*CLE Information: CLE was available through Today’s General Counsel for Live Attendees only. 

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