Best Practices for Identifying & Mitigating Contract Risk

For many corporate Legal, Procurement, and Sales teams, contract management is a real business challenge. That’s because they encounter common, yet avoidable, pitfalls such as missed obligations, poor collaboration, unintentional renewals, slow approvals, and difficulty with version control. In this on-demand webinar “Best Practices for Successful Contract Management,” the Contract Logix team will cover critical advantages to successful contract management. 

If you are looking for opportunities to improve the performance of your contracts and processes, join Contract Logix for this on-demand webinar session as we discuss 8 Best Practices for Successful Contract Management. Our panel will review and showcase methods for leveraging each of these proven techniques and how they can improve the performance of your contracts and processes, including how to:

  • Eliminate missed obligations for key deliverables and deadlines
  • Reduce deviation from your pre-approved language
  • Speed up reviews, negotiations and approvals
  • Benchmark and track contract-related KPIs
  • and more…

Not sure where to get started in determining what you need in a contract management solution? We have over a decade of experience working with professionals just like you providing guidance on CLM requirements and best practices. Let us help by reaching out to our team today and scheduling a CLM discussion.

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