10 Best Practices for Successful Contract Management

According to research from World Commerce & Contracting, poor contract management continues to cost businesses 9% of revenues. That’s because many organizations encounter common, yet avoidable, pitfalls such as missed obligations, poor collaboration, unintentional renewals, slow approvals, and difficulty with version control.

Watch as the Contract Logix team covers the Top 10 Best Practices for Successful Contract Management. Our panel of experts will discuss each of these proven best practices and provide real-world examples of how organizations are implementing them to improve the performance of their contracts and CLM processes.

You will learn how to:

  • Eliminate missed obligations such as dates and deadlines
  • Reduce deviation from your pre-approved language
  • Speed up reviews, negotiations and approvals
  • Benchmark and track contract-related KPIs
  • and more…

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