10 Keys to Digital Contract Transformation Webinar

With the vast majority of CEOs expecting their business models to change over the next three years, it’s no surprise that digital transformation continues to be a strategic priority for organizations of all industries and sizes. But what does this mean for contract management and what role does it play in digital transformation?

In this webinar, you will learn about 10 Keys to Digital Contract Transformation. We’ll discuss 10 contract management best practices you can implement today to set a foundation that supports the execution of your organization’s digital transformation strategy. 

Some of the important strategies we will discuss…

  • Use of a cloud-based central repository to store, manage, search, and secure your contracts.
  • Implementation of automated alerts and reminders to avoid missed deadlines and obligations.
  • Clearly defining your contract lifecycle workflows to ensure compliance to business rules and automate processes.
  • Setting up automated notifications for approvals and embracing electronic signatures.
  • Establishing a standard, simple, and online contract request and submission process to save time and improve accuracy.

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