Looking Back: Our 10 Best CLM Blogs of 2019

It’s been a busy year for us here at Contract Logix and as 2019 draws to a close, we thought we’d look back over the more than 60 CLM blogs we published this year on contract management-related topics and share with you 10 of the most popular ones…in no specific order!

protecting contract data5 Security Best Practices for Contract Management

Imagine if a disgruntled employee or ambitious hacker accessed the details of your most important and sensitive contractual agreements and did something malicious with the information. Security breaches like this can result in severe consequences for your business. Unfortunately, the contracts at many organizations are scattered throughout the company in file cabinets, on individuals’ hard drives, or in shared folders – exposing the business to significant risk.

Click here to read the full blog and discover 5 ways you can better protect your contracts.

DashboardDashboards: A Window into Your Contract Management

One of the biggest drivers for adopting contract management software is the need to get more visibility into contract management processes. Contract management dashboards deliver fast and accurate answers to key contract management questions and provide businesses with actionable insights.

Click here to read the full blog and learn how dashboards can help you leverage data and make it the most valuable asset in your contract management arsenal.

Never Miss Contract ObligationsHow to Never Miss Another Contract Obligation

The risks involved in missing an important contract deadline are real and can result in financial, legal, or other penalties. Automated system-generated alerts are both an effective and efficient way to stay on top of your contract obligations.

Click here to read the full blog and learn how Contract Logix leverages both one-off and rules-based alerts so that you never miss another contract obligation.

contract management software features11 Essential Contract Management Software Features

Frustrated by managing your contracts with shared folders, spreadsheets or filing cabinets? Are you considering contract management software to improve your process and make life easier?

Click here to read the full blog and see a list of “must-have” features you should be looking for whether you’re seeking a basic contract repository or a complete lifecycle management solution.

contract management for healthcareImportance of Improving Contract Management for Healthcare

A recent study found that healthcare providers spend nearly $157 billion each year on manual contract management, which is probably why such organizations are increasingly turning to digital transformation with the hopes of modernizing processes, improving operational efficiencies, and leveraging data for compliance and insight.

Click here to read the full blog and learn why adoption of contract lifecycle management software should be a strategic priority for healthcare organizations.

automatic contract renewalHow to Manage Automatic Contract Renewals and Evergreen Clauses

Missing an automatic contract renewal due to an evergreen clause is something that should never happen to you or your business. Renewing a product or service that you had no intention of keeping is a completely avoidable risk.

Click here  to read the full blog and find out how implementing contract management software helps eliminate this serious business and financial risk from happening by using reports, alerts, and proper contract version management practices.

mitigate contract risk7 Ways to Mitigate Contract Risk

Risk management is an increasingly important topic for anyone involved in contract management, whether you’re a General Counsel, Head of Procurement, VP of Finance, Contract Administrator, Director of Sales Operations, or Paralegal.

Click here to read the full blog and learn how alerts and notifications, role-based security, data encryption, clause and template libraries, contract version control, automated workflows and electronic signature play a major role in mitigating contract risk.

data-driven contract managementDiving into Our Latest Release: Powerful New Data-Driven Contract Management & Analytics

This article included a glimpse into some of the new features that debuted in our October product update, including the ability to create and track Custom Line Items, enhancements to the Type Manager for designing layouts, and integration with leading Electronic Signature provider DocuSign.

Click here to read the full blog and learn more about the latest features.

electronic signatures for contract managementAdvantages of Integrating Electronic Signatures for Contract Management

One of the slowest and sometimes frustrating, yet most important part of any contract management process is the signature stage.  Electronic signatures for contract management have been legally binding since the E-SIGN Act of 2000 and now is the time to embrace them!

Click here to read the full blog and learn how Contract Logix’s full integration of DocuSign’s electronic signature technology can help you execute agreements faster, are great for a mobile workforce and are more secure and audit-ready than paper-based signatures.

search contractsCLM that Works Just Like a Search Engine

Modern-day search engines like Google and its counterparts have infiltrated every aspect of our digital life. They make finding information on the internet as easy as type, click, and go. If you’re still keeping contracts in folders and data in spreadsheets, you can’t take advantage of these types of search tools.

Click here to read the full blog and learn how Contract Logix’s contract management solution enables you to search contracts just like your favorite search engine.


The ten articles shared here represent just a small sample of what’s available on the Contract Logix website. Browse our CLM blogs to get our perspective and expertise on these and many more related contract lifecycle management topics.

Have an idea for an interesting blog topic you’d like us to write about or maybe you’d like to learn more about what CLM software can do for you? Let’s talk.

And have a very Happy New Year!