CLM that Works Just Like a Search Engine

By Karen Howe

Looking for an answer about something online?  You probably turn to Google, the most popular and recognized name in search engines, or maybe one of the alternatives.  Tools like Google have transformed the way we all seek out information and knowledge. Want to know the movie times at your local cinema or how to change your oil filter? Just google it.

So, what if you could…

  • Easily search contracts for specific contract language?
  • Quickly find everything (contracts, contacts, supporting documents like W9s, etc.) related to a particular vendor?
  • Locate key contract information as easily as you use Google to find out when the mall opens on Black Friday?

With Contract Logix’s contract lifecycle management software, you can. Our contract management solution lets you search contracts for ANY information in them just like your favorite search engine.

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Quick and Simple Global Searching

No matter where you are in the system, at the top of every page is a simple Search box. Just type what you’re looking for in the box and the system comes back with the search results. Click on any entry to view the details or open the document.

The search works for all data points, including the names of organizations or contacts, filenames, and text within notes or any other data field. There’s never a need for users to enter keyword tags. And, since uploaded documents are OCR’d, indexed automatically, and stored in a central contract repository, you can perform full text searches within documents, such as the search below for the Assignment clause.

search contracts

Advanced Searching

Of course, if the global search approach is a bit too open-ended for your needs, we also have an Advanced Search tool.  With a single click, you can send the 30 search results for the organization shown below to the Advanced Search grid where you could apply advanced filter criteria to refine the list, then export to PDF or Excel.

search contracts


Modern-day search engines like Google and its counterparts have infiltrated every aspect of our digital life (when did “google” become a verb?) They make finding information on the internet as easy as type, click and go. If you’re still keeping contracts in folders and data in spreadsheets, you can’t take advantage of search technologies like those Contract Logix has embraced.

So, if you want to know how long to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, google it.  If you want to see for yourself the simplicity of using our Search features to search contracts for valuable insights and other key benefits of adopting a true CLM solution, schedule a demo of our solution.