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Lifecycle is the newsletter published by Contract Logix that arrives in the email inboxes of tens of thousands of contract management professionals monthly. It delivers actionable CLM email advice and best practices, as well as insightful commentary on topics relating to, and impacting contract lifecycle management. Regardless of whether you’re in legal, procurement, sales operations, finance, or administration, you’ll find insights within Lifecycle to help you be more effective at your job.

Written by the experienced contract management experts at Contract Logix, month after month it will serve as an invaluable source of information and great ideas that you can implement and utilize within your own organization.

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A title slide discussing Getting Back to CLM Basics

Getting Back to CLM Basics: You Need to Walk Before You Run

Dig into a recent interview featured by Corporate Council Business Journal, where Tim Donaghy, Chief Technology Officer at Contract Logix, shares his expert insights on the pivotal importance of returning to the foundational principles of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

A scene depicting types of healthcare contracts.

8 Types of Healthcare Contracts You Should Know About

Each type of healthcare contract has specific implications for compliance, service delivery, and financial performance. Due to the complexity of the healthcare system, adept management of these healthcare contracts can help maintain service quality and control costs. This guide covers different types of healthcare contracts, their role in the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities, and how they contribute to the overall stability of healthcare systems.

Three office workers using contract administration software.

The Top Must-Have Features in Contract Administration Software

By streamlining contract processes with modern software capabilities, businesses can save on contract administration costs while also increasing the accuracy and efficiency of their processes. The increasing adoption of contract management systems across major enterprises further signifies their importance in the current business landscape. This blog covers the top 8 features that make contract administration software a must-have tool for businesses.

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Office scene depicting SaaS vendor management.

How to Improve Your SaaS Vendor Management Strategy

For professionals tasked with managing contracts and overseeing vendor relations, the push towards more centralized management of SaaS applications within the next five years is a trend to watch and prepare for. This evolution toward centralization will demand a strategic focus on automation, visibility, and alignment with business outcomes to ensure organizations’ SaaS portfolios remain optimized for both performance and cost.


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