Diving into Our Latest Release: Powerful New Data-Driven Contract Management & Analytics

By Karen Howe

All of us here at Contract Logix have been hard at work getting the latest version of our Express and Premium contract management software ready for release. In this blog, I’m pleased to reveal some details around the newest enhancements and how they help enable true, data-driven contract lifecycle management. Even if you’re not familiar with Contract Logix, I encourage you to swim along and explore what’s new.

Enhancements to the Type Manager Configuration Tool

Type Manager is the configuration tool that allows power users to create, design and manage different types of contracts, contacts, organizations, documents and request/intake forms. We’ve streamlined the process to be more efficient and flexible. Users can now add new custom fields directly from the layout design page. There are some new field types, including number fields (with a choice of formats including currency and percentage); variable-depth text block fields for capturing notes; and captions for inserting explanatory text directly on record layouts. There are new field settings too, including the ability to modify field widths and add tool tips. Best of all, users can place fields anywhere in the layout and can even move sections around.

Key benefits of the new Type Manager:  Faster and easier to configure layouts to align with your specific business’ contract management needs. You control how your contract data entry / intake forms are arranged. Support for numerical and other new field types boost the ability for you to leverage data.

Ability to Create and Track Custom Line Items

You can now define and track custom contract line items tailored to your specific business requirements and add them to any Contract, Contact, Organization or Request layout. This could be a list of products, services, providers, payers, approved contractors, payment terms, etc.

Using the new Type Manager, you’ll create a line item type and define the data fields associated with it, then add it as a new section to any Contract, Contact, Organization or Request layout. When entering contract data for a record, such as a contract, end users will be able to add as many rows as needed to the line item section.

Key benefits of custom line items: Capture any type of line item your business requires – be it services, products, providers, etc. Detail exactly what you are buying, selling, or specifying. Supports multiple rows.

Integration with Leading Electronic Signature Provider DocuSign

Extending its partnership with industry-leading electronic signature provider DocuSign, Contract Logix now gives Express and Premium users the ability to check a document out for e-signature directly from the Document details page. A new e-signature status page tracks all activity such as when it was sent, who signed it and when they signed. Once complete, the signed document is automatically checked back into Contract Logix as a PDF.

Key benefits of E-Signature integration: Execute agreements faster by going paperless (no need to print or email documents back and forth.)  Give users a mobile-friendly experience (they can easily sign documents anywhere right from their smartphone or any digital device.) Reduce risk and increase security with electronic signature verification and a legally binding audit trail.


Our latest release at Contract Logix is turning out to be a pretty big one for us, and we think it’s going to tick the boxes on a lot of wish lists when it comes to data-driven contract management. Our expanded partnership with DocuSign E-Signature provides a critical piece in the contracting process puzzle, as users now have a more mobile-friendly and secure option for final contract execution. We’ve made great enhancements to Type Manager in simplifying the process and increasing the flexibility of defining what data gets captured and where.  And with Line Items, our customers have an intuitive way to capture and visualize the unique requirements of their buy-side and sell-side contracts. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into the details of these and other new features, so you’d better keep those air tanks filled!

Karen Howe is the Training Director at Contract Logix. She’s not a diver but has been known to dip her toes into the shark-infested waters off Truro in Cape Cod.