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“With over a decade of experience developing and deploying cutting edge contract management software, our team has created a more intelligent way to identify and quantify your contract risk. We provide incredibly powerful, yet simple-to-use products that will transform how you manage your contracts and your business.”

— Rick Ralston, CEO, Contract Logix

Contract Lifecycle Management from Contract Logix.

Hundreds of organizations have partnered with Contract Logix to improve their contracting practices and mitigate their legal and financial risk. Contract Logix provides contract lifecycle management software that is built to address all phases of contract management, from authoring, redlining and approvals to the storage of all your contract data in a secure repository. We’re absolutely manic about reducing the risk ingerent in your contracts.  In fact, at our company we live by the credo “Your risk stops HERE!”

At Contract Logix we believe in offering the best products and support to our customers.  We slso believe in fostering a work culture where we can be ourselves, create lasting relationships, and do meaningful work.  We live by a set of  Guiding Principles that are core to who we are.

Founded in 2006, we’re one of the longest tenured companies in our industry.

Companies in dozens of industries use our products to efficiently create and manage their contracts.

Our contract management products leverage our years of experience and best practices learned over our history.

We’re innovators who have made it easy for everyday business users to learn, use, and adopt our products.

Our Customer Success Team helps you learn, adopt and manage our products.

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Why Choose Contract Logix?

Our contract management software products have been refined over our long history to be easily adopted by everyday business users. Our many years of experience delivering on the needs of hundreds of companies has driven the development and innovation behind the features, functionality, usability, and benefits that you’ll gain from leveraging our products.

And at the heart of those benefits is minimized risk.

Because of our work with customers across many industries, in a variety of sizes and business models – and with users in multiple departments – we’ve learned to identify lots of different types of risk. As a result, we’ve developed ways for our software to identify it and stop it – dead in its tracks.

Long-tenured, software provider whose sole focus has always been on minimizing companies’ legal, financial, and brand risk.

Thousands of users managing millions contracts.

Product options to meet both simple and sophisticated needs, both built to be easy to learn, easy to implement, and easy to adopt.

A commitment to ensuring our customers’ success through training and ongoing support.

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Best Team in the Business!

It all starts with people. And it’s the quality and commitment to excellence of our team at Contract Logix that’s led to our reputation for providing powerful, yet easy-to-use contract lifecycle management software and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

It’s also about our experience in the contract lifecycle management space — the fact that since 2006 our team has focused solely on the needs of professionals who rely on contracts — that sets us apart.

A Leadership Team with decades of combined SaaS-based software experience across multiple markets.

A Customer Success Team whose “our job is never done” philosophy ensured our customers’ ongoing success in using our products.

A Product Management Team that thrives on innovation, customer and marketplace feedback, and leverages our own legacy of tribal knowledge, to inform the features and functionality of our products.

A mission on everyone’s part to provide you with the mechanisms to effectively minimize risk within your organization.

Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Our Guiding Principles.

At Contract Logix we believe in offering the best products and support to our customers, while fostering a work culture where we can be ourselves, create lasting relationships, and do meaningful work. The following Guiding Principles are core to who we are. All of our team members live by these principles and take accountability for contributing to a remarkable workplace. We believe that it shows in the work we do, and in the products we deliver.

TRUSTING – We communicate with one another openly and honestly. We build trust and credibility with one another and with our customers by setting clear expectations, delivering professional, quality results, and always doing what is right.

COLLABORATIVE – We build genuine relationships, seek out opinions and advice, and work together to arrive at the best outcomes for our customers. We are humble and not afraid to ask for help. We recognize that we produce our best work when we work as a team.

RESPECTFUL – We walk in others’ shoes and demonstrate empathy and compassion. We welcome new and diverse ideas and recognize that the diversity of our team is a corporate strength. We maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, even when faced with challenges.

CURIOUS – We are career-long learners, embracing and seeking out learning and development opportunities that help us grow personally and advance our company vision. We have the courage to try new things and are comfortable with making mistakes, as long as we learn from them.

RESILIENT – We move fast, tackling problems head on and persevere even when facing adversity. We are nimble, embracing and quickly adapting to changes in the business, the marketplace or with customers. We are willing to take on new tasks and responsibilities outside of our roles and comfort zones.

STRATEGIC – Regardless of our role, we are strategic and creative thinkers. We push the boundaries beyond what has always been done so that we can create real value for our internal and external customers. We leverage data and insights to challenge assumptions, innovate, and make decisions.

ACCOUNTABLE – We take pride in our work and hold ourselves responsible to the company, our customers and ourselves to live by these guiding principles. We demonstrate this through a sense of urgency and passion for what we do. We don’t just check the box – we dig deep to understand the problem, and then work to resolve it at its core.

Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Extra, Extra, Read All About It.

Our News Room features press release and contract management thought leadership articles written by our employees for industry publications.

Product & partner announcements.

New whitepapers & research studies.

Latest events where we’ll be appearing.

Our articles in various trade & business publications.

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Join Our Team.

Contract Logix is actively seeking creative problem solvers who bring fresh ideas, perspectives and experiences to the table. We value employees who are collaborative, curious and strategic.

A company with a legacy upon which we build every day with new innovation.

A team that’s defined our Guiding Principals by which we live and work every day.

Job satisfaction that’s driven by exceeding the needs of our customers.

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