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Contract Logix Company Overview

Contract Logix is a leading, long-tenured contract management company. As an innovator of contract management solutions, Contract Logix empowers legal, IT, procurement, finance, and sales professionals to automate their contract processes while minimizing risk, increasing compliance, and driving profitability. Hundreds of organizations have partnered with Contract Logix to digitally transform their contract management. 

Founded in 2006, we’re one of the longest-tenured contract management software companies

Companies in dozens of industries use our products to efficiently create and manage their contracts

Leverages a security-first approach to ensure your contract data is safe and secure

Why Choose Contract Logix?
Contract Management Solutions Provider Overview
G2 and compliance Q1 2024

Why Us?

Over a decade of experience has driven the development and innovation behind the features, benefits, and security you’ll gain from our contract software platform. Contract Logix is not only one of the longest tenured CLM providers, but offers a deep set of knowledge customers can leverage to truly harness their contract information.

Long-tenured SaaS provider with a singular focus on contract management software

Experienced team of CLM logicians with a deep knowledge of best practices and industry solutions

One platform, two flexible product options to meet both simple and sophisticated needs

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Our Leadership

Our Leadership Team has decades of SaaS-based software experience across multiple markets. Our singular focus on contract management software makes us a unique and trusted advisor to our customers. Our team’s commitment to quality and excellence has led to our reputation for providing today’s best intelligent contract software and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Leadership Team with decades of combined SaaS-based software experience across multiple markets

Customer Success Team whose “our job is never done” philosophy ensures our customers’ ongoing success

Product Management and Technology teams that thrive on innovation, customer feedback, and our own legacy of tribal knowledge to drive the development of an intelligent and intuitive contract management platform

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Our Guiding Principles

At Contract Logix, we believe in fostering a work culture where we can be ourselves, create lasting relationships, and do meaningful work. Our Guiding Principles are core to our people and business. All of our team members live by these principles and take accountability for contributing to a remarkable workplace. We believe that this shows in the work we do and in the products we deliver.

Our Guiding Principles: Trusting, Collaborative, Respectful, Curious, Resilient, Strategic and Accountable

At the core of our business, we live by these principles as a team

Meaningful, long-lasting relationships foster a great work culture

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Our Valued Customers

Contract Logix works with leading brands across dozens of industries, helping them mitigate financial and legal risk and to improve their entire contract management lifecycle. Contract Logix’ customers meet their toughest contract management challenges with our software and company.

Serves many different industries and verticals, job functions and roles, and departments and business units

Dedicated team works with customers to solve everyday challenges so they can meet their vision

Customer feedback drives software innovation and collaboration delivering today's best CLM solutions

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Our News Room features press releases and contract management thought leadership articles.

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Careers @ Contract Logix

Contract Logix is actively seeking creative problem solvers who bring fresh ideas, perspectives, and experiences to the table to our contract management company. We ‘re looking for future Logicians who are collaborative, curious, and strategic.

Dedicated Team that lives by our Guiding Principles every day. It's who we are!

Job satisfaction that’s driven by exceeding the needs of our customers

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