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Legal, procurement, sales operations, administrative, and contract management professionals at hundreds of brands have partnered with Contract Logix to improve efficiency in their business practices and mitigate legal and financial risk. Contract Logix provides contract management solutions that securely centralize your contracts for fast, easy, and organized access.

Founded in 2006, we’re one of the longest tenured companies in CLM.

We provide companies in dozens of industries with the tools they need to efficiently and securely manage their contracts.

Our passion drives our team of highly talented individuals in the pursuit for success! We define success by delivering on our promise.

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“I was asked by our CEO for some contract information that before implementation of Contract Logix would have easily taken me 3 days of hunting and pecking through separate network folders to get the answer.  But I’m so thrilled that I was now able to get the data out of Contract Logix in just 5 minutes!  Serious happy dance!”

– Director of Contracts, Soar Technology, Inc.

Choose Contract Logix.

We strive to be a remarkable company, with refined solutions for business users, driving the everyday lifecycle of documents and data. Our vision, mission and core values all align with this goal.

Established independent software vendor whose focus has been only on improving the management of contracts for the businesses and professionals.

Hundreds of enterprises and tens of thousands of users use Contract Logix to manage millions contracts.

Continues to set the standards for contract management ease of use and adoption, from automating error-prone manual processes to providing fingertip visibility into the content of your contracts.

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Best Team in the Business!

Our established reputation for providing powerful, yet easy-to-use Contract Lifecycle Management systems coupled with our pursuit for the highest level of customer satisfaction, represents compelling value for our customers and inspires pride within our organization.

Established reputation for delivering on our promise and goals, as a company.

Passionate about our customers and global brands which selected Contract Logix.

We maintain our singular focus in providing elegant systems to manage and track contracts.

Leverage the experience of our leadership team to proactively and efficiently manage your contracts.

Contract Lifecycle Management Software

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Contract Logix is actively seeking creative problem solvers who bring ideas, concepts, and suggestions to the table.  We value employees who are passionate about work and life and strive to maintain balance between the two.

A company with a Vision and Mission clearly defined and acted upon.

A team with Core Values, that actually mean something.

Job satisfaction driven by providing exceptional value to our customers.

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