Contract Logix Publishes “Seven Onboarding ‘Musts’ to Ensure Successful Contract Management”

New White Paper Explores Contract Management Software Onboarding and the Factors that Help Ensure End-User Adoption

Lowell, MA -Contract Logix, LLC – a long-time developer of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software solutions – announced today the publication of a white paper detailing onboarding requirements for CLM software and the considerations organizations must make to ensure successful implementation and end-user adoption. Entitled “Seven Onboarding ‘Musts’ to Ensure Successful Contract Management,” this publication offers guidelines for performing due diligence into software providers’ onboarding process.

“An often-overlooked and undervalued aspect of automated contract management adoption is the quality of the onboarding process,” says Contract Logix Vice President of Marketing Bill Muller. “To help educate the marketplace, we’ve published this white paper to make it easier to choose a CLM solution that affords a quick and smooth onboarding process, leading to better end-user adoption throughout the organization.”

The seven onboarding “musts” include the following:

  •     Choosing a solution that mimics the way your organization does business
  •     Applying role-based security
  •     Using a solution to enable your organization’s self-sufficiency
  •     And four more…

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