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Contract Management Software from Contract Logix.


Centralize your contract data and supporting documents into a secure electronic repository. Create alerts to ensure all your important contractual deadlines and agreements are met. Run reports and view dashboards to ensure visibility into your contracts.


Featuring all the benefits of our Express Solution, our Premium Solution also enables you to author contracts using contract clause and template libraries, define workflows for redlining and approvals, and enable others to request/submit contracts.


Contracts are some of your organization’s most valuable assets. So we utilize state of the art Microsoft Azure hosting of our software and your data. We employ the toughest security and compliance standards available in the industry, including encryption at rest and in transit.


Proactively and efficiently manage contracts and mitigate risk using Contract Logix’s contract management software. Our powerful, yet easy-to-use products provide businesses in dozens of industries with the means to securely manage their contract documents and data.


We’re in this together. Our Customer Success Team has years of experience enabling our customers to onboard and administer our contract management systems. We are committed to your successful adoption and use of our products.


We’re passionate about contract management software. It’s all we do and have ever done. Every bit of the experience and knowledge gained through our 11+ years in the industry has been incorporated into our products to make them easy for you to use, and powerful for you to leverage.

Contract Management Reimagined.

Automate and optimize your contracting process with powerful, user-friendly, and easily-configurable contract management software built with everyday business users in mind. Contract Logix is a long-tenured, proven industry leader whose contract management products deliver exceptional business results. Our products make your job easier, your contracts more organized, and your risk minimized.

Proactively and efficiently manage contracts using our contract management software.

Centralize all your business agreements in a secure contract repository.

Ensure your obligations are met through clear visibility into your contract data and documents.

Identify and quantify risk within your agreements.

Author and negotiate contracts using clause & template libraries and workflows.

Enable users without full system access to request or submit contracts for creation & execution.

Leverage our Customer Success Team’s years of experience to help ensure your successful adoption.

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Centralize Your Contracts.

With the Contract Logix Express Solution, centralize your agreements into a single, secure contract repository. Organize your contract management. Create alerts, tasks and reminders. Drag and drop your related documents right into the system and create roll-based security so the right people within your organization have access to the right information.

Quickly learn and adopt this extremely user-friendly contract management software.

Optimize your contract management process to reduce expenses & maximize value.

Have all the information you need right at your fingertips any time its needed.

Never miss an important contract term, date, action item, or deadline.

Replace clutter & chaos with control and confidence.

Access the system via your choice of device & browser.

Featuring 1-hour onboarding training.

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Centralize, Author & Negotiate.

With the Contract Logix Premium contract management software, you’ll not only centralize your agreements into a secure contract repository and manage your deadlines using alerts, but you’ll also create, redline, and approve your contracts using workflows to match your organization’s contracting process. You’ll even be able to give users who don’t have access to your full system the ability to securely request or submit contracts.

Enjoy all the benefits of our Express Solution, plus…

Leverage contract clause & template libraries of pre-approved contract language.

Easily author and assemble contract documents for negotiation and redlining.

Build contract creation, review, and approval workflows to match your own processes.

Enable users without full system access to request and submit contracts for creation, review, and approval.

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Innovation = Faster Implementation.

Through our innovative technology we’ve helped enable you to more quickly and easily configure our products to your needs, onboard any legacy electronics data or documents, and begin using and adopting our software right away. The Contract Logix Customer Success Team has years of experience helping customers all along the way.

Realize quick results through our proven onboarding process.

Achieve rapid user adoption for any size deployment.

Learn to how to administer your system.

Receive online, phone, and email support.

Realize a quick return your contract management investment.

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Researching Contract Management Solutions?

Discover the value that contract management software can deliver to your business by exploring our extensive contract management resource library. Read about about best practices for your industry or job function. Learn how contract management systems can help with governance, ensure institutional and regulatory compliance, and minimize legal and financial risk.

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We’re the EASY Choice.

Contract Logix makes it easier for you to learn, use, adopt and administer our contract management software than any other solution out there. We’ve leveraged our 12+ years in the marketplace – from its very infancy – to build innovative products for the regular business user based on what we’ve learned over that time. Our software helps minimize the legal and financial risk inherent in the contracting process.

SaaS-based solution means to software installation required.

Responsive design delivers access through any device & browser.

Intuitive administrative tools enable easy management of the solution.

User-friendly interface requires very little training to master and adopt.

Sophisticated feature set delivers on all your contract management requirements.

Why Choose Us? Leadership

Experience Success.

Contracts are an integral part of your business. They are the formal, legally binding and enforceable agreements that define the specifics of your business relationships and transactions. Efficiently managing your contracts is vital to the success of your enterprise. Contract Logix contract management software streamlines and optimizes this mission-critical business function from contract creation, to your approval processes, to contract renewals, significantly minimizing the legal and financial risk inherent in those contracts.

Legal teams, as well as procurement, compliance, accounting, administration, and sales operations professionals use our contract management systems to manage their contract lifecycle.


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