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Securely process and manage contracts from anywhere, any time using a standard web browser

Centralize all contracts into one repository for improved visibility and role-based access

Search, filter & report on contract information and language stored in the system

Create, review and edit documents and supporting contract materials

Manage the contract workflow process with automated alerts for important dates and obligations

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For Your Business Processes

Contract Logix is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution built to scale and perform during your critical contract business processes. Manage all phases of both pre and post contract execution to realize the full potential and return on investment of contract lifecycle management software.

For Your Industry

Contract Logix provides a data-driven approach to managing contracts for ANY industry with complete visibility, automation, and insights. Business insights that empower regulated industries with the ability to ensure compliance, minimize risk, uncover cost savings and revenue opportunities, and better facilitate buy-side and sell-side agreements.

For Your Roles & Departments

Empower your departments and roles for effective contract processing. Contract Logix enables all users to successfully request, draft, approve and execute agreements, faster. Business processing metrics  and contract status tracking ensures all bottlenecks are quickly visible so they can be addressed and become scalable and repeatable.

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Take Advantage of Data-Centric Contracting

Capture any level of detail for contracts, organizations, contacts, documents and contract line items

Organize contracts using versioning and real-world ‘binders’ for amendments, addendums, renewals and terminations

View records by any contractual relationship such as parent-child or organization-to-contract

Gain knowledge on all business processes using stage and status tracking from request through execution

Manage risk by tracking and standardizing compliance requirements and business rules

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Get up and running quickly with our onboarding, migration and training services

Dedicated team and CSM throughout the life of the customer relationship

Knowledgeable staff provides best practices methodologies to ensure customers gain the most value

On-demand success model so customers get services when needed

Unlimited U.S.-based support

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