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“The automation, governance, and ease-of-use of the Contract Logix platform gives our legal team the ability to focus their efforts on high-value activities which helps us assure compliance and minimize risk.”

Douglas Hooten, CEO of MedStar Mobile Healthcare


“Contract Logix offers the technology, support, and track record we need to effectively and confidently centralize and digitize our contract management processes.”

Richard Fiore, General Counsel, ACTS-Aviation Security


“Contract Logix has completely streamlined our contract department. We have drastically reduced the time we spend tracking and managing agreements by 40% in two years.”

Dorothy Light, Director of Contract Management, Bluebonnet Trails


“The Request and Submission functionality is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use, and the support my company has received for it has been top notch. This system does the job of at least one person for a fraction of the price.”

Nick Pohoreskey, Director of Legal Operations, Apex Systems


Contract Management Software by Contract Logix


Securely and easily find, access and manage contracts from anywhere & on any device

Centralize contracts in a dynamic and digital repository with complete visibility and control

Search, filter & report on any and all contract information and language

Quickly request, create, review and edit documents and supporting contract materials

Automate contract workflows and increase collaboration and compliance

Streamline and Automate Your Contract Management

For Your Process

Manage all phases of both pre and post contract execution.

For Your Industry

Business insights that empower regulated industries.

For Your Department

Enable your departments and roles for effective contracting.

Take Advantage of Smart Contract Technologies


Get real-time business insights on any level of contract-related information with reports and dashboards

Accurately organize contracts using versioning and real-world ‘binders’ for amendments

Easily view contract relationships such as parent-child or organization-to-contract

Optimize the performance of business processes with contract stage and status tracking and KPIs

Eliminate missed dates, opportunities and obligations using automated alerts & notifications

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