Case Studies

Contract Management Case Studies & Use Cases

Every day Contract Logix’s Customer Success Team helps customers successfully learn, adopt, and succeed at meeting their organization’s contract management objectives. Whether it’s securely centralizing, storing, organizing, and accessing their contracts with our Express CMS product – or enabling them to electronically draft, negotiate, approve, execute, and manage their contracts with our Premium CLM product, results and goals are constantly being achieved.


Modernizing Contract Management for Procurement and Purchasing

This article looks at the importance of modernizing contract management for procurement and purchasing departments and how contract management software makes it possible. Some key benefits include optimizing vendor management, eliminating missed deadlines, keeping internal clients happy, being audit-ready, and more easily managing expenses and contract terms.

Recorded Books Centralizes Agreements & Optimizes Ability to Locate Data

Contract Logix Express product enabled Recorded Books to quickly organize their fragmented contract and document collections into a single, secure source of truth that allows them to actively monitor contract status and easily report on key terms and agreement types.  Approximately 50% less time is spent manually researching contracts when a report or search from Express can surface the desired information virtually instantly.



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