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Contract Solutions for Small Business

Contract Logix allows smaller businesses or individual departments to better organize, access, and manage contracts and related documents.  Our solutions are simple, yet powerful, providing secure electronic storage, role-based access, and robust post-execution management tools.

When companies and industries grow, contracts become more complex, and the legal and financial risks become magnified. Contract management software helps drive growth for your small business by removing time-consuming and expensive inefficiencies inherent to manual contract management.  Opportunity costs and operating expenses are a by-product of legacy contract management and are amplified as your business grows.

Contract Logix lets you choose between a managed cloud subscription or traditional on-premise software and multiple modules that scale to your unique business needs, providing actionable business information that leads to smarter business decisions.

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Contract Management for Small Businesses

Businesses require actionable data throughout every level of the organization. Contract Logix maintains a singular focus on Contract Management solutions designed to increase access to the information driving these results.

Source: Michael Melville, Chief Executive Officer, Contract Logix Leadership

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Ensure your obligations and commitments are acted upon with clear visibility into your contract data and documents. Contract Logix contract system helps mitigate risk, while controlling the two most important factors in any business: expenses and revenue.

Serves Customers in all industries and sizes.

Flexible options, so you can choose only the system you will use. No need for an over-sized system which over-reaches your business goals.

Established independent software vendor whose focus has been only on improving the management of contracts for the businesses and professionals.

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