“Contract Logix has completely streamlined our contract department. The customized reporting, automatic email capability, and the online document storage enable us to stay audit ready throughout the year. The contract request functionality has greatly improved our workflow and saves us hours of time each week. We have drastically reduced the time we spend tracking and managing agreements by 40% in two years.”

— Dorothy Light, Director of Contract Management, Bluebonnet Trails

Contract Logix Products.

Contract Logix offers two extremely easy-to-use contract management products depending on your needs. Our Express™ product provides a secure contract repository, including alerts, tasks, reports, and dashboards to centralize and efficiently manage all of your contracts and contract-related data.

Our Premium™ product delivers all that plus contract creation, process workflows, redlining and approval, as well as contract requests and submissions.

Both products enable you to:

Optimize your contract management to reduce risk and maximize compliance.

Never miss another an important contract term, date, or deadline.

Keep your sensitive contractual information safe and secure.

Replace clutter and chaos with control and confidence.

Have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Access via your choice of browser or device 24/7.

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Contract Lifecycle Management Products

Contract Logix Express.

With Contract Logix Express, your contracts are stored in a single, secure electronic repository. Create alerts, tasks and calendar reminders. Drag and drop your related documents right into the system and create role-based security so the right people have access to the right information within your organization.

Locate any contract or supporting document with full-text search capabilities. For the first time you’ll feel like you’ve got complete control of your contracts. And if/when you’re ready to upgrade to Premium, you can do so at the flip of a switch.

Store your important information in a super-secure environment.

Locate any contract, contact, organization, or document using full-text search.

Mass-import or manually enter, existing, contract, contact, and organization data.

Track the status of your agreements using standard/custom reports and dashboards.

Proactively and efficiently manage important contractual deadlines via alerts and tasks.

Maintain an audit trail and version control of all changes/updates made to your contracts.

Express Contract Management Software

Contract Logix Premium.

With our Premium contract management product you get all the features, functionality, and benefits of our Express product for managing your executed contracts: secure contract repository, alerts, role-based security, full-text search, OCR of documents, audit trails, ease-of-use, ease of onboarding PLUS everything you need to create, approve, and execute contracts.

Leverage pre-approved language via contract clause and template libraries to assemble your contract documents and correspondence throughout the process. Track all redlining during negotiation. Use our visual workflow designer to manage the appropriate routing and processes for contract approval. Process contract requests and submissions from users who don’t need full system access.

Automate, streamline, and optimize contract creation, negotiation, approval, execution, and management.

Manage contract workflows based on any criteria or data so the right people perform the right tasks.

Enable non-legal staff to build contracts using pre-approved language.

Free up in-house or external resources to perform “real” legal work.

Allow users without full licenses to request, submit and track contracts.

Decrease time required to produce and execute contracts.

Increase velocity to contract value.

Cut down on errors in contracts.

Professional Contract Management Software

We Help Ensure Your Success.

Contract Logix Customer Success Team is dedicated to ensuring you get up and running with your contract management product as quickly as possible, that it meets your needs, that your end-user community adopts its use to manage your contracts, and that you can administer it going forward. Only then will you truly benefit from all the value that it delivers.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to your company.

Works with you to translate your needs into your configured system.

Helps migrate your existing electronic data or documents.

Facilitates end-user and administrator training.

Connects you to phone and email support, as well as online help.

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Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management

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