The Contract Logix Platform

Intelligent contract management software platform that’s configurable to your needs.

Two flexible product editions– Express CMS and Premium CLM.

Key platform advantages:

Search and report on any contract data to deliver strategic and actionable business insights

Get a holistic and instant view of every contract and where it stands in your process

Uncover and mitigate hidden contract risks to increase compliance and reduce liability

Accelerate your time to revenue with faster contract cycles

Contract Lifecycle Management Products

Express CMS

A smart, secure, and easy-to-use contract repository to manage all your contracts, contacts, organizations, and associated documents.

Key Express features:

Centralize all your contracts and every contract data point is easily and accurately searchable by any relationship

Efficiently manage amendments, addendums, and renewals and automate reminders, tasks, and calendars

Track and analyze your processes and contracts’ performance with dashboards and customizable reports

Express Contract Management Software

Premium CLM

Complete and intelligent contract lifecycle management from request to execute and beyond.

Includes all Express features plus contract creation, workflows, redlining and approval, and requests and submissions.

Key Premium features:

Assemble and execute contracts faster and with confidence and compliance using approved language from clause and template libraries

Automate and customize workflows based on your business rules and contract management processes

Enable staff to request and submit contracts via intake forms to save time and ensure accuracy

Premium Contract Management Software

Customer Success

Your success is our success. That’s why we assign every client a Customer Success Manager to help get you up and running fast and ensure your long-term success.

Key Customer Success benefits:

We’re here to help from your first log-in to your 10,000th contract

Works with you to configure your system for your use cases and departmental needs

Provides best practices and U.S.-based phone, email, and online support

Helps facilitate end-user and administrator training

Customer Success Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Logix