Reports & Dashboards

“Our reports really bring our customers’ contract environment to life. They can isolate data such as all the contracts expiring in a specified timeframe, or all contracts with a certain status. Customers can even run reports on all their individual pending tasks.“

— Tiffany Martelli, Technical Business Analyst, Contract Logix


Reports & Dashboards.

Whether you choose our Express or our Premium product you can gain valuable insights into your contract management process through reports and dashboards. You can access a set of standard reports, build your own custom reports, and access a set of standard dashboards that are most frequently used by Contract Logix customers.

Every user can create, save, and use the reports that best meet their needs.

Run reports on your important dates, statuses, etc., for post-execution management.

Run reports on contracting process metrics for optimizing your workflows.

Establish key performance indicators as benchmarks for ongoing improvement.

Share reports and dashboard visuals with colleagues to illustrate important findings.

Dashboard Graphics Help Manage Your Contracts & Identify Your Risk.

Dashboard Graphics Help Manage
Your Contracts & Identify Your Risk.

Comprehensive Features.

Get a better handle on the metrics that drive your contract lifecycle by leveraging reports available in our Express and Premium software products. Identify trends, potential problem areas, bottlenecks, obstacles, and opportunities to improve. You can even share the findings with colleagues who don’t use the software.


Each user can create and save their own custom reports – either from scratch or by editing a standard report and then saving. And of course, you can also use the standard reports as is.


Each of our products – Express and Premium – come with its own standard set of dashboards from which each user can choose to configure, arrange, or hide to meet their needs.


Users of our Express product can run reports on their post-execution management of contracts, such as on important upcoming dates or terms, or on selected contract statuses or stages.


Users of our Premium product can run Express reports, as well as produce process analytics reports on the timing between all the steps in all their processes, and the overall time to produce a contract.


Each of the standard dashboards is available in a variety of formats (line, bar, pie, etc.) from which each user can select and save to meet their preferences.


With a couple clicks of a mouse each dashboard can be filtered or sorted and saved to meet each users preferences.

These are just a few of the features and benefits that our reports & dashboards deliver. To find out more about all the software’s capabilities, please schedule a live system demo. We’ll walk you through it, from start to finish.



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