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Contract Management Works For Any Industry.

Contract Logix is used by tens of thousands of legal, procurement and other contracting professionals in hundreds of companies across dozens of vertical markets.

Our comprehensive solution can be customized for any and all of contract types regardless of industry.  Contract Logix is used to generate, coordinate, and keep pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing agreements, facility management leasing contracts, advertising insertion orders and more. We have not met a contract formatting requirement Contract Logix cannot handle.

Our CLM solution helps you maximize the value of every single agreement.


In regulated industries such as healthcare, energy, financial services, and insurance, contract oversight has operational, legal and financial implications.  Adherence to internal and external Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) requires that contracts be easily accessible for auditing purposes, yet secure.  CLM software provides the required visibility into your contracts that ensures compliance.

So whether your contracts are simple or complex, our CLM solution can help you maximize value, minimize legal and financial risk, facilitate the purchasing and procurement process, and avoid regulatory infractions that can damage your bottom line and your reputation.

Goldman Sachs reports that companies using contract management software can reduce annual contract management expenses by 20 to 50 percent.

Source: Goldman Sachs

Sample Industries Served.


CLM for Healthcare.

Financial Services

CLM for Banking & Finance.


CLM for Pharma & Life Science.


CLM for Communications.

Government & Defense

CLM for Government & Defense.


CLM for Education.

Legal Firms & Services

CLM for Legal Firms & Services.


CLM for Energy.


CLM for Manufacturing.


CLM for Nonprofit.

Business Services

CLM for Business Services.


CLM for Retail.

IT & Technology

CLM for IT & Technology.

Transportation & Logistics

CLM for Transportation & Logistics.

See how Contract Logix can accelerate contract processes for your department and for companies in your industry.

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