Legal & Law Firm Contract Management

Legal & Law Firm Contract Management

Define and oversee the entire contract management function, and integrate workflows, policies and governance, and legal technology into your business operations. Contract Logix empowers legal to systematically address and monitor the businesses portfolio of contracts and gives you the tools to react to all terms and conditions in a timely manner. Draft, review and finalize legal contracts for your organization and speed-up the entire process – across the business – with legal approvals, QA requirements and automated reminders for important terms, built-in.

Contract Logix simplifies Legal and Law Firm CLM business processes.

Improve contract turnaround times and reduce the overall bottlenecks in your process so you're more productive

Stay fully aware of critical dates, tasks and any red flags or risk-indicators in your workflow so all parties can take action in a timely manner

Improve communication flow with checks and balances and/or business rules for risk, compliance, legal reqs and roles and responsibilities

Document management functionality ensures everyone has the appropriate tools to review contracts or mark-up them with full version control of revisions

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Legal and Law Firm Contracting

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