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Business Services organizations such as consulting and training, events and entertainment, transportation and logistics, or hospitality require business contract software as one of the key strategies to stay competitive. Streamlining operations and reducing friction is important to ensure the contract workflow isn’t a bottleneck and costs are minimal. Further, gaining an edge by reducing time allotments is critical.

Contract Logix Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software provides a solution to let BSOs quickly draft and execute contracts BUT ensures – even with this speed – the complete process is managed with QA and compliance requirements. This lets you focus on the business relationship, not the process to get it started.

Contract Logix will transform your business contract software processes.

Increase operational efficiencies by decreasing the time it takes to draft, negotiate and execute contracts

Grow your business on a foundation of excellence by having all of the important information at your fingertips - and actionable with true, best-practice based CLM

Design every step in your process to streamline knowledge needs for simplicity and end users will adopt and install the right business process centered around your contracts

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