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Software & Technology Contract Management

Technology & Software Contract Management

Contract Logix quickly turns your Technology & Software Contract Management into actionable, profitable assets and gives you a competitive edge. Drive profitability by monitoring important contract retention and renewal metrics, average lifetime value, or annual recurring revenue for every customer. Automatically receive important notifications of upcoming termination’s and expiration’s – while reducing the effort required to react in a timely manner.

Contract Logix rolls up all of your contract information by the customer so you have a holistic view at a moment’s notice. And, when reporting is needed Contract Logix gives you quick and easy tools to measure your success. Make sales contract requests, generate legally approved contracts from templates, negotiate and collaborate effectively, and electronically execute agreements, faster. 

Contract Logix will empower your Technology and Software Contract Management process.

Centralize contract requests and intake through an integrated, experience for sales and anyone across your business

Monitor and notify parties throughout the relationship of important terms and dates such as upcoming renewals or expiration's

Reduce the time and friction of processing and approving contracts by leveraging pre-approved, legal templates

Track key metrics for retention, lifetime value, average deal or recurring revenue and take action in a timely manner - ahead of the termination

Extremely intuitive, the software is easy-to-use and requires very little training so you're up and running quickly gaining customers and value

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Software and Technology Contracting
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