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Transportation & Logistics Contract Management

Transportation & Logistics Contract Management

A trusted CLM partner of transportation and logistics organizations for over 15 years.

Manage relationships with vendors, suppliers, partners to ensure alignment in terms of service levels, pricing, and performance expectations

Track complex regulatory compliance details with checklists in one-to-many tables for easy viewing and custom reporting

Reduce the cost and complexity of logistics management processes by managing contracts with total control over delivery schedules, payments, and supporting documents

Identify and mitigate risk within contracts, such as liabilities, performance issues, or disruptions in the supply chain to maintain operational stability

Define insurance requirements and set lower and upper thresholds on defined policy amounts for carriers, drivers, and other assets

Easily locate important terms and conditions, key dates, and financial information in one simple-to-use, yet sophisticated central contracts repository

Contract Logix is a leading provider of contract management software with over 15 years of experience serving the unique contract lifecycle management (CLM) needs of transportation and logistics companies, including freight carriers, shipping firms, and distribution centers. We offer a modern, digital, and easy-to-use solution to help our clients in the logistics sector ensure internal and regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, reduce time spent managing contracts, and free up resources to focus on strategic activities.

G2 awards and Compliance 2024 Q1

Your transportation contracts are more complex than ever. You need the right digital tools to manage them and keep pace with fluctuating freight rates, increased regulatory demands, changes in trade agreements, mergers & acquisitions, and pressure to innovate towards more efficient and sustainable logistics solutions. That’s why leading T&L organizations leverage Contract Logix for their transportation contract management needs.

Learn how Contract Logix can help you streamline and automate your transportation & logistics contract management by requesting a demo today.

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Cardinal Logistics a Contract Logix Customer
Accredo Packaging a Contract Logix Customer
CLN worldwide a contract logix customer
CKS Packaging a Contract Logix Customer

Contract Lifecycle Management for Transportation & Logistics

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