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Transportation & Logistics Contract Management

Logistics & Transportation Contract Management

Invariably transportation organizations are complex, facing tough challenges for cost management, supply and logistics management, and strict regulations. Contract Logix enables transportation, carrier, last-mile, and logistics companies with complete data-driven contract management for every stage in the contract process. Manage complex agreements with extensive compliance and line item tracking, delivery schedules management, and insurance details with our tools for improving your transportation contract management

Contract Logix streamlines transportation and logistics CLM processes.

Reduce the costs and complexity of logistics management processes by managing contracts with total control over delivery schedules, payments and supporting documents

Track complex regulatory compliance details with checklists in one-to-many tables for easy viewing and custom reporting

Define insurance requirements and set lower and upper thresholds on defined policy amounts for carriers, drivers and other assets

Easily locate important terms and conditions, key dates and financial information in one simple-to-use, yet sophisticated central contracts repository

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Transportation Contracting
G2 and Hyperion, and security compliance badges

Contract Lifecycle Management for Transportation & Logistics

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