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Architecture & Construction Contract Management

Architecture & Construction Contract Management

Contract Logix centralizes all the tools required to maintain Architecture and Construction, Contractor and Sub-Contractor agreements. Actually, you can manage any type of agreement needed and the system streamlines the data into actionable insights. This lets you track and manage contract line and sub-line items, payment and delivery schedules, project details and requirements and key terms and conditions – all in one place. Need to report and be audit-ready for regulations or supplier reconciliation? Contract Logix helps maintain the relationships and lets you group, filter, report and monitor the complex information to effectively take action on important deliverables, project dates or payments, and delivery.

Contract Logix will transform your Construction CLM process.

Monitor payment terms, delivery schedules and complex project details or requirements - all easily accessible and centralized in one location

Automatic notifications and alerts mean you don't have to remember, the system will do this work for you so you can stay focused on the overall project and its success

End-to-End contract lifecycle management for any type of agreement with complete visibility from anywhere, anytime

Simple and intuitive, tools are extremely easy to use allowing you to adopt a best-practices approach so you gain value quickly

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