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Accelerate Contracts

An Automated Contract Management System: Your Contracts Reimagined.

Your contracts are a strategic part of your business, not just administrative. Replacing manual legacy contract management with an automated contract management system will accelerate and streamline your processes. That’s business done better.

Accelerate your contract process from start to finish.

Start making smarter decisions with improved contract insights and clear visibility into your contract documents and data.

Maximize contract value by controlling expenses and revenue.

Leverage our best-in-class solution to proactively and efficiently manage your contracts.

Accelerate Contract Management Processes

The IACCM estimates the cost of inefficient contract management to be more than 9% of total annual revenue.

Source: The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

How It Works.

Simple Creation

A template and clause library with pre-approved language speeds contract creation. A built-in Microsoft Word interface makes it easy.

Managed Obligations

Ensure ALL of your contract obligations are met, on time and within budget.

Speedy Approvals

Reduce the complexity of the approvals process with workflows that show you where the contract is at any point in the cycle and where it needs to go.

Fast Execution

Integration with leading eSignature providers ensures the quickest path to a signature and a fully executed agreement.

Informed Renewals

Automated alerts notify you of upcoming expirations and auto-renewals, giving you more time to negotiate more favorable terms, identify upselling opportunities, or cut ties with a contract that’s costing you money.

Smart Negotiation

Mine your centralized contract repository for data that makes sense of risk and delivers better outcomes. Automatic routing to key stakeholders and redlining functions shorten the negotiation cycle and keep important changes from falling through the cracks.

See how a contract management system from Contract Logix’ can optimize contract processes for your department and for companies in your industry.

Our promise to each and every customer is, to deliver exceptional value to business users by fundamentally transforming your contract process. This is our singular focus and passion, here at Contract Logix.

Source: Timothy Donaghy, Vice President, Technology,  Contract Logix



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