Product Brief

AI-Powered Data Extraction

Contract Logix’s data-driven contract lifecycle management (CLM) software supports AI-powered Data Extraction with natural language processing (NLP).

This technology gets you up and running quickly with our software by eliminating a common barrier to success — manual data entry. Whether you have many existing contracts to import or manage an ongoing stream of third-party agreements, Contract Logix automatically and accurately transforms your contracts into valuable digital assets.

With Contract Logix’s AI-powered Data Extraction you can:

  1. Digitize and index your contracts for easy searching and reporting
    Using OCR, we quickly scan your contracts (e.g., Word, PDF, JPG) and index the data so you can search and report on it.
  2. Automatically extract key information to populate fields in your contract records
    With AI-powered NLP and learning algorithms, the platform identifies and extracts the key data in your contracts and then populates it in the software.
  3. The option to review all extracted contract data and verify in a side-by-side comparison 
    Next, you can choose to confirm everything looks correct before formally approving the creation of the record in Contract Logix

Download this free product brief and learn more about how companies are accelerating their digital transformation with our Data Extraction technology. 

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