Accelerating Legal’s Digital Transformation with AI-Powered Data Extraction Tools

Contract Logix’s AI-powered data extraction tools and natural language processing remove one of the biggest barriers to the successful adoption of contract management software – the manual data entry of existing contracts into the system.

If you’re like most organizations currently managing legal agreements, chances are you have hundreds or thousands of contracts that you need to store in your new CLM platform.

Contract Logix completely automates and accelerates that process by accurately auto-extracting and auto-populating key contract information in the software.

Let’s look at how our data extraction tools work and the value it provides.

For all these reasons we built our solution to leverage these Data Extraction Tools.

The new Contract Logix data extraction tools empower businesses to rapidly digitize their existing contracts and related documents by auto-extracting many key types of contract information and auto-populating it in the system. This enables organizations of all sizes and volume of contracts to easily and quickly harness the wealth of data in their legal agreements to deliver actionable business insights that mitigate risk, identify opportunities, and optimize processes.

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