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Why Choose Us?

The Contract Logix Difference

Contract Logix is a long-tenured contract management provider delivering smart contract technologies which are truly data-driven. Our security-first, SaaS-based contract management platform turns contracts into your competitive advantage by automating the process while minimizing risk, increasing compliance, and driving profitability.

Start Improving and optimizing your business and learn why hundreds of companies trust Contract Logix for their contracts.

Founded in 2006, we’re one of the longest-tenured, singular-focused contract management software companies

Business in dozens of industries use our products to efficiently create and improve their contracts

Security-first approach ensures contract safety and protection for your important contract assets

Leadership Why Choose Us?
Contract Logix Difference
Contract Logix Difference

Why Choose Contract Logix?

We’ve incorporated our 12+ years of knowledge and experience delivering solutions to hundreds of organizations, from SMBs to large enterprises, into the development our products. Our customers improve the effectiveness of their contract management process, and they deftly identify and mitigate their legal, financial, and brand risk.

Risk mitigation is at our core

Platform Editions that meet your needs

Intuitive and easy, our Platform enables rapid learning and adoption

Meets your toughest pre and post-execution contract management requirements

Solutions that Deliver

One Platform. Flexible Editions. Comprehensive Success.

Explore Contract Logix’ Platform, Editions and Customer Success Model – or maybe we should call it Contract Success Model because we deliver.

Express CMS

Express™ CMS provides secure centralized contract repository for storing and managing contracts throughout pre-execution.

Premium CLM

Premium™ CLM  delivers complete lifecycle management for contract authoring, negotiation, approvals, and execution.

Customer Success

Experienced, knowledgeable Customer Success Managers, help with onboarding, training, and adoption for quick ROI and value.

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