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Contract Logix is a leading contract management provider. Our SaaS-based contract management software platform helps you automate your contracting processes while minimizing risk, increasing compliance, and driving profitability. We do that by leveraging:

Reminder alerts so you don’t miss important deadlines.

Task lists and calendars to ensure you act on your contractual obligations.

Reports and dashboards that identify areas of potential risk before it’s too late.

Clause and template libraries to ensure only legally-compliant language is used.

Contract workflows to ensure the right people review the right contacts at the right time.

Secure storage to ensure only those people authorized to access your contracts can do so.

Contract Management Provider

We’ve incorporated our 12+ years of knowledge and experience delivering solutions to hundreds of organizations, from SMBs to large enterprises, into the development our products. Our customers improve the effectiveness of their contract management process, and they deftly identify and mitigate their legal, financial, and brand risk.

Our products are easy to learn, administer, and adopt by non-technical employees. You don’t need any specialized legal or sophisticated contract management knowledge or experience to use our platform. Nor do you need to be a technical guru to administer them.

Our Express™ product provides you with a secure central repository to store and manage data on all your executed contracts, contacts, and organizations, as well as all the documents you’d like to associate with them. It also enables you to set tasks and reminder alerts, so you never miss an important deadline associated with your contracts.

Our Premium™ product provides all the capabilities and benefits of Express, plus complete contract lifecycle management, including: contract authoring, negotiation/redlining, approvals, and execution. It even allows users outside your organization to request or submit contracts from/to your organization.

The technical infrastructure behind our software is built upon Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure and state-of-the-art hosting platforms available today. Your security and IT teams will be happy to know that all your valuable contract data will be both encrypted at rest, as well as encrypted in transit.

You’ll work with one of our experienced Customer Success Managers, who will help with your onboarding, training, and adoption of whichever product you choose. And if you start with Express and at some point you want to upgrade to Premium, it requires just a simple flip of a switch on our end to enable all of Premium’s features right within the same interface you’ve already been using.

So Why Choose Contract Logix?

Risk mitigation is at our core.

Product options to meet your needs.

Accessible via any modern browser and device.

Quick and easy to configure and administer.

Secure repository where your data is encrypted.

Intuitive interface enables rapid learning and adoption.

Enables contract authoring, approval, and management.

Complete audit log and version control of all documents and data.

Meets your toughest contract creation, management and compliance needs.

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