Configuring Your System to Your Needs

Contract Logix solutions are designed to be simple to configure.  No technical expertise is needed to build custom fields, contract types, reports, etc.

Many products on the market today require a very significant implementation fee as part of their agreements.  This is where Contract Logix is different.  Every one of our customers is assigned a Customer Success Manager to provide support and consultation during their entire time as a Contract Logix customer, at no additional cost.

The role of our Customer Success Team is to assist in getting you up and running with your new contract management system as quickly and smoothly as possible and ensure that your user community uses it to successfully meet your needs. That process starts with configuration.

We’ll work with your team and your designated administrator to guide them through all the steps in an organized and easy-to-follow process. When we’re done, you’ll have a system that reflects your terminology, your contract types, and the way you manage contracts.

Contract Management Implementation Services

Define settings such as login, security & password strength.

No rigid shared folders that limit how you view your agreements.

Create & edit end-user roles & permissions.

Define your organization, contact, contract, and document types.

Create your screens, fields, drop-down menus, and requirements.

Compose your email templates, including data merge fields.

Define your alert rules by record type.

Create your retention (delete/archive) rules by record type.

Populate your clause and template libraries with standard and alternate language.

Build workflows for contract authoring, redlining, and approval.

Configure forms for users or partners to request and submit contracts.

Much more…

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