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G2 Winter 2023

Contract Logix provides the industry’s only contract lifecycle management software solution designed specifically for the unique needs of Pharmaceutical and Biotech organizations.

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Get complete visibility into all contract types such as HCP, CTA, CDA, PBM, and R&D agreements

Optimize agreements with your supply chain using robust contract line item tracking for products, pricing, rebates, and more

Improve contract performance with pharmaceutical-specific KPIs such as product pricing over time with customizable reporting

Enforce business processes with automated workflows to manage compliance, approvals, and authorizations

Easily maintain accurate and real-time audit trails to ensure and demonstrate FDA and SOX compliance

A Few of Our Pharma/Biotech Customers

contract logix customers Sunesis Pharmaceuticals
contract logix customers Ocular Therapeutix
contract logix customers Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Mycovia Pharmaceuticals
T2 BioSystems
Pharma Managing Contracts and Agreements | Caribou Biosciences

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See Why 1000’s of Organizations Trust Contract Logix

“Security is the foundation of our business and contracts are a cornerstone of helping us protect our customers’ brands. As our business grows, we needed a more flexible and intelligent contract management solution to streamline our processes and provide robust reporting and tracking functionality. We found the answer to that with Contract Logix.”

Brett Davis, Commercial Manager, OpSec Security


OpSec Security

 “As a provider of emergency medical services, it’s critical that we have an efficient and compliant contract management system to enforce our business processes. The automation, governance, and ease-of-use of the Contract Logix platform gives our legal team the ability to focus their efforts on high-value activities which helps us assure compliance and minimize risk.”

Douglas Hooten, CEO of MedStar Mobile Healthcare.


“As an aviation security services provider with complex regulatory requirements, contracts are the foundational component of how we work with our customers to provide essential security. Contract Logix offers the technology, support, and track record we need to effectively and confidently centralize and digitize our contract management processes.”

Richard Fiore, General Counsel, ACTS-Aviation Security


ACTS-Aviation Security

“Contract Logix has completely streamlined our contract department. The customized reporting, automatic email capability, and the online document storage enable us to stay audit ready throughout the year. The contract request functionality has greatly improved our workflow and saves us hours of time each week. We have drastically reduced the time we spend tracking and managing agreements by 40% in two years.”

Dorothy Light, Director of Contract Management, Bluebonnet Trails

Bluebonnet Trails

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