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Our Features

Digital Contract Transformation Starts Here

Contract Logix empowers organizations to automate contract processes while minimizing risk, increasing compliance, and driving profitability.

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Digital Contract Repository

Centralize, secure, & analyze contracts for complete visibility and control.

Collaboration & Negotiation

Streamline & accelerate redlining, negotiation, approvals, and signatures.

Workflow Automation

Accelerate your process from request to renewal with automated alerts & tasks.

AI-Powered Data Extraction

Transform contracts into valuable digital assets, without manual data entry.

Creation & Authoring

Quickly & easily create negotiation-ready contracts that Legal will love.


Easily integrate with your tech stack to ensure a single source of truth.

Customer Success Stories

Automated Contract Process from Hours to Seconds

Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED Mitigates Risk

The 3rd largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in the U.S. faced several challenges related to how it managed its contracts.

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Bottling plant
Customer Success Stories

Executes Contracts 90% Faster

Medallion Midstream finalizes contracts 90% faster

The Energy company needed a better system to centrally manage its contracts and contracting processes.

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Oil storage tank
Customer Success Stories

Protects IP & Ensures Compliance

Vitara Biomedical reduces review time by 80%

The startup needed to centralize & secure its contracts, protect intellectual property, manage deadlines, & automate workflows.

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Customer Success Stories

Automate Contracting & Drive Compliance

Bayshore Healthcare reduced pre-execution by 75%

The healthcare company needed to centralize and modernize its contracting processes so it could focus on its core mission.

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Our CLM Solutions Work Across Many Industries

  • Scientist in a lab

    Whether evaluating R&D, building partnerships, tracking rebates, or optimizing vendors, robust contract management is the key to pharmaceutical success.

    Streamline clinical trials, adhere to strict FDA regulations, optimize supply chain dynamics, and ensure compliance without compromising speed using contract management software.

  • Solar panel installation

    Meet complex regulatory requirements while supporting the need to maximize asset value and innovate with greater agility.

    Manage relationships with suppliers, distributors, and other parties while ensuring compliance and minimizing risk utilizing contract management software.

  • Doctor in meeting

    Improve internal & regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, and reduce time managing contracts to free up resources & focus on strategic activities.

    Leverage CLM to manage rising costs, increased regulatory requirements, decreased government spending, M&A, & create a more patient-centric experience.

  • Businessman checking off items

    Streamline the contract processes by centralizing, organizing, & automating contract lifecycle management.

    Contract management software enables creation, negotiation, approval, execution, & tracking to ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and optimize efficiency.

Trusted in Our Field

We solve compliance and risk management challenges and help close business faster.

How Our Users Benefit

from Contract Logix


Decrease in time spent managing contracts


Reduction in contract review time


Faster contract


Trusted By Leading Organizations

Moore County Hospital District

“The ease and intelligence of Contract Logix lets us focus on assuring compliance and minimizing risk.”

Cody McCutchan
Risk Management Director


“We have drastically reduced the time we spend tracking and managing agreements by 40%.”

Dorothy Light
Community Engagement Strategist


“Contract Logix software offers brilliant functionality and embodies everything we are looking for in a contract system to ensure the future growth and development of Averitt.”

Sherry Anderson
Contract & Bid Leader

The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC

“Contract Logix has allowed our legal team to seamlessly switch to remote work and helped us coordinate, communicate, and collaborate efficiently and effectively.”

Wendy Mullins
General Counsel


“We love how easy the Contract Logix platform makes managing our contracts with automation and control.”

Cyndi Gordon
Sr. Director of Procurement and Contract Management


“This has been a game-changer for how we do business.”

Monica Venditto
Manager of Business Relations, Integrated Care Solutions
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