Easily Compare Document Versions and History

When negotiating contracts, keeping track of every version and all the edits associated with each version can be challenging.  However, with Contract Logix’s Document Compare and Auto Compare capabilities, you can easily compare document versions and history across multiple versions, and even see the complete history of all changes to a contract are as easy as clicking a button.

Tracking the History of Changes to a Document

Managing version control of a contract during the negotiation stage can be a cumbersome process that introduces risk if you aren’t using the right digital CLM tools. Ensuring that you are able to properly identify and review all redlines and other edits made to a contract before it is executed is a critical component of any successful CLM strategy.

With Contract Logix’s Document Compare and History capability, this entire process is made extremely easy, fast, and accurate. You can compare any version of a document to quickly see all the changes and edits.

Let’s look at few examples in our video above.

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