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Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures For Contracts

Electronic Signatures are supported out-of-the-box by all Contact Logix systems. With Contract Logix’ seamless Electronic Signature integration, signing contracts and documents is a lot easier – and quicker. With this module your organization will realize revenue faster, while drastically reducing the time it takes for your clients or internal signatories to execute agreements. Contract Logix is a proud partner of today’s most popular and reliable e-signature applications. We seamlessly integrate with Sertifi, DocuSign, and EchoSign, so you can choose the best option for you!

Sign agreements faster using tightly integrated E-Signatures.

Choose from Sertifi, DocuSign, or EchoSign.

Convenient “closed-loop” process, so you never have to leave the Contract Logix System.

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Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

Close business faster, means realizing revenue faster. Electronic Signatures provide signatories with the easiest, quickest way to sign and execute contracts from directly in the Contract Logix System.

Electronically Sign Contracts.

Go paperless and execute faster with E-Signatures. Seamless integration with today’s most popular e-sign systems gives you all the features you need to go paperless and sign agreements electronically.

Sertifi, DocuSign, and EchoSign

We support today’s most popular electronic signature systems, so you can choose the right partner for you.

Closed Loop Integration

With our seamless integration and support for e-sign partners, you never need to leave the Contract Logix System.

Convenient Document Routing

Check out documents using purpose-built tools.

Signature Tracking

Automatic tracking of signatures, you’ll always know exactly who has the contract and their signature status.

…and so much more. These are just a few of the features the Contract Logix has to offer. To find out more about all of our capabilities, please request a live demo. We’ll walk you through our product, from start to finish.

*Electronic Signature features require third party licensing. If you prefer, we directly license for our partners, in most cases.

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Best-in-Class companies have more than 75% of their contracts in a searchable repository, compared to All Others who have about one third.

Source: Aberdeen Group, “Best-in-Class Performance in Contract Management”



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