How to Get Support for Your Contract Management Software

Jan 16th, 2024

Contract management professionals understand the critical role that effective support for contract management software plays in maintaining operational efficiency and compliance. Reliable software support helps you manage contract tasks smoothly and effectively or risk falling behind on deadlines and obligations. Software support encompasses a range of services, from troubleshooting to providing guidance on functionalities, and updates. 

Recent studies show a surge in digital reliance in contract management. Among polled organizations, 81% aim to employ contract automation in the coming year, highlighting the shift toward technology-driven contract management practices. 

As more organizations use contract management software, robust support systems become increasingly important. This guide will show you how to maximize the benefits from the full range of available support options for your contract management software.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficient contract management software support is vital for operational efficiency and compliance.
  • Identifying your support needs and using built-in help functions can streamline problem resolution.
  • Regularly updating software and engaging with user communities enhances software use and security.

Getting Contract Management Software Support

Follow these steps to obtain comprehensive contract management software support. 

1. Identify Your Support Needs

Before seeking external assistance, identify your specific support needs for your contract management software. Start by evaluating the complexities and functionalities of your software. What features do you frequently use, and which ones are less familiar? Assess the proficiency level of your team in navigating and using the software.

Are there recurring technical challenges or user errors? Also, consider the frequency and nature of software updates and their impact on your operations. A clear understanding of these aspects will help you articulate your support needs more precisely, leading to more targeted and efficient assistance.

2. Use Built-In Help Functions

Your contract management software likely comes equipped with built-in help functions. Before reaching out for external support, explore these resources. They often include:

Example of tutorial videos for contract management software.

  • Self-paced learning management systems (LMS)
  • Tutorial videos
  • Interactive guides for your software’s features

In-app resources are both readily accessible and designed to address common, platform-specific user queries and challenges. Making optimal use of these built-in tools can significantly expedite problem resolution and enhance user competence, reducing the need for frequent external support.

3. Access the Knowledge Base or FAQ

Example of FAQs for contract management software.

Check the software’s online knowledge base or FAQ section first when you hit a snag. This repository typically contains a wealth of information addressing common issues, with step-by-step guides and best practices. 

Explore these resources before calling for support. Using the knowledge base can resolve issues promptly and independently, saving time and resources that might otherwise be spent in seeking external support.

4. Contact Customer Support

Should your issue persist or prove too complex for resolution with in-app features, contact customer support. Describe the problem you are experiencing in detail, including any error messages, the context in which the issue occurs, and what you have tried so far. 

Many contract management software providers offer support teams that are well-versed in addressing specific technical challenges. By providing comprehensive details, you enable these experts to offer more effective, tailored solutions for a more efficient resolution of your issue.

5. Attend Knowledge Transfer Webinars

Some contract management software providers like Contract Logix conduct regular Q&A and knowledge transfer webinars about how to use existing and new capabilities, best practices, and other helpful areas. Do your best to have representatives from your team who use the software attend these sessions and then share their learnings with others. In addition, most webinars are recorded and can be watched on-demand for convenience or reference.

6. Keep Informed of Software Updates

It’s critical for contract management software providers to continuously release new versions of the software to innovate around new capabilities, deliver security updates, and resolve issues. Make sure you read the release notes associated with each new release so that you are familiar with what has changed in the new version.

7. On-Site or Virtual Training

Training is key to leveraging your contract management software, especially when new to the technology. These sessions, often provided by the software vendor, aim to enhance user understanding and proficiency. Attend these to familiarize yourself and your team with the software’s full range of capabilities, including advanced features that might not be immediately apparent. 

Many training sessions can be done in-person or remotely and are typical a paid-for service as part of your relationship with the vendor.

8. Spend Time with Your Customer Success Manager

Contract Logix provides customers with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who is typically your main point of contact for most non-technical issues. It’s important to leverage your relationship with your CSM because they are very knowledgeable about the product, contract management, and key uses cases and best practices.

Contract Logix: Comprehensive Support for Your Contract Management Needs

Contract Logix offers a  comprehensive contract management platform for businesses of all scales and industries. It simplifies contract management with customized workflows, automated reminders, and AI-assisted data extraction. Our team of experts is ready to provide ongoing support to help you make the most of your contract management needs.

Request a demo today to learn more.

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