Contract Logix Bucks Another Trend With Its Internship Program

While the overall economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is still to be determined, its effect on young people and graduates is being felt, as many see summer internship and job opportunities disappearing. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 7.8% of employers have revoked or will revoke full-time offers to graduates from the Class of 2020. The numbers on internship opportunities are even more staggering. According to Glassdoor, as many as half of internship opportunities were cut due to coronavirus.

Our local paper, the Lowell Sun, recently highlighted Contract Logix’s decision to buck this trend by continuing to provide opportunities for software development interns studying Computer  at UMass Lowell.  The feature story highlights our full-time developer intern turned full-time employee, Adam Tremblay, as well as CEO, Rick Ralston, and CTO, Tim Donaghy, from our leadership team.

Contract Logix’s internship program and its commitment to the local economy are rooted firmly in our guiding principles. We seek out new and diverse collaborative ideas, and we remain interested in learning. Unlike many traditional internship programs, Contract Logix’s interns have the opportunity to work on both backend and frontend software development, as well as a wide range of coding languages.

The focus is on “real” work that helps differentiate products, and interns work on code that directly affects customers. In addition to working on and developing new contract management software functionality at one of the market leaders, interns also get opportunities to learn about other aspects of the business such as marketing, customer success, and product management.

Contract Logix believes that providing opportunities for career development and education is fundamental to our company’s ability to grow, much like the digitization of contracts and CLM processes needs to be fundamental to digital transformation.  For more information on our current career opportunities, click here.